Out with the Old....

....and in with the New!   For practically all of 2017 I have been struggling with the choice of dining table for the Dining Room...

....and in with the New!  

For practically all of 2017 I have been struggling with the choice of dining table for the Dining Room of the Herengracht Canal House.  The room has a rococo style with chinoiserie influences.  
The period correct tables and chairs I tried in there were too 'twee' for my taste, making the room look a bit ordinary and uninteresting.  

A circa 1800 oak cabinet, lovely but sadly broken beyond repair, gave me a supply of oak boards with a rather wonderful patina.  I wanted to use the wood for a dining room table, I quite liked the idea that the age of the wood would correspond with the style period of the table.  More or less anyway.  

Instead of a period correct table, I decided to make a modern table using thick rustic boards, keeping most of the patina and some imperfections of the wood.  I even used a bit of wood with nail holes (from the handmade square nails which were used in the construction of the cabinet).  

Construction of the table was very simple, cut boards glued and clamped together.  The table legs are a wonderful 3D printed table frame, based on the Tolix design by Pauchard.  I had to do a bit of routing to fit the frame to the table at the right height.

The modern chairs are also 3D printed.  I'm still in the process of finishing them, they need some more sanding and spraying.  There are two black chairs based on Tolix chairs, two black designer chairs based on the She said chair from designer Nitzan Cohen and four white chairs based on the moulded plastic FLY chair designed by Marco Acerbis.  

The MacBook Air and iPhone were made by me from prints from the internet.  I had some fun playing with mat and shiny surfaces and creating some depth by using layers but honestly, it's not looking hugely impressive up close.  

What I do absolutely love is the extension cord and the power plug.  The plastic parts are also 3D printed.  Yes I have been on a bit of a shopping spree ;-)   The cord and metal pins you have to add yourself, as well as finish the plastic by cutting, sanding and spray painting.   I also drilled holes so I could put the plug in. 

So, lots of 'New' besides the 'Old'.  It does make sense in this house, where another modern element, a sectional sofa, can be found in the Blue Salon as well.  

New for me but actually quite old is a silver miniature trofee Saint Nicholas surprised me with.  
The silver marks on it say it is sterling .925  Birmingham 1926, made by Crisford & Norris. 
The inscription says:  Miniature Calder Cup, won by A.D. Loch 1937.

I don't know much about the Calder Cup, other than that it is the professional ice hockey playoff trophy of the American Hockey League and it has been annually presented since the 1936–37 season. The Calder Cup was first presented in 1937,  the same year as the inscription on my cup.  

I tried to find out online who A.D. Loch was, and why he/she won this miniature cup.  I thought it might have been given to each of the players of the winning team, as a keepsake, but again I couldn't find anything about that online.  Maybe I should email the American Hockey League, maybe they know something about it.  

Maybe there was another reason for the inscription, a joke among friends, a trofee for the most loyal hockey fan, a trofee for a young player....who knows.  Any ideas from you are appreciated! 
But it will look  fab on my side table with a bottle of champagne in it.   

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  1. More beautiful things to look at - I love your mix of classic and modern pieces.
    Have a great New Year
    Simon x

  2. It's not looking hugely impressive up close??? I don't think so! You are absolutely amazing! And your hockey trophy is most impressive, as I sit here in Canada watching the hockey on TV. I will endeavour to research the Calder Cup for you. I'm not sure a mini cup from the 1930's will be found, though.
    Regards and Happy New Year, Linda

  3. Yo creo que absolutamente todas las piezas se ven impresionantes,son geniales!!!
    Feliz Año Nuevo!

  4. The details are amazing, everything looks really perfect!

  5. Happy New Year Josje and what a lovely way to end it with a new dining room table and chairs! Love the silver trophy and the cord and the power bar- Great Fun!

  6. Happy new Year!!! I absolutely love the mix of old and modern. YOur modern accessories are fantastic, amazing that you can even plug it in. The silver trophy is wonderful too.

  7. Happy New Year Josje.
    Congratulations on your new table and chairs. It is always fun to get new miniatures whether you made them or bought them. I love the "Calder Cup". I have never seen such a tiny 1:1 scale trophy, what fun! Tonight you might want to fill it up with some champagne on ice. :-)

  8. Está genial. Todos los detalles son perfectos.
    ¡Feliz 2018!¡

  9. I really like your table, nice to be able to re-use wood. And the cup is beautiful! What a perfect miniature---

  10. Hello Josje,
    That table and those chairs are gorgeous. They compliment the classic space so well. Well done! I love the trophy cup, but the power bar is awesome. I wish you all the best for 2018,
    Big hug

  11. Dear Josje, Happy New Year! You are Light years ahead of me with your "alien" furniture in the Chinoiserie room.... but it looks soooo Now (one hesitates to use 'modern' anymore as that is now the fifties and a bit passee! LOL!) The table reminds me of the one my Dad built for our dining room table when I was young.... (in the fifties!) but ours was maple boards on a pipe metal frame! Your 3D printed power plug is perfect beyond imagining... and if you insist.... the computer will need an "upgrade" to match it's perfection! :) Clearly your year is off to a wonderful start .... out with the Old for sure! And lastly, your mini silver trophy is such a find and makes a great champagne tub! I always look forward to seeing more!