About two months ago Sabiha was having a giveaway at her weblog Sabs Mini Interiors and I was one of her lucky winners! Last Thursday I found my gift in my mailbox. Oh how Sabiha spoilt me! Curious? Here's what was in the envelope:

The beautiful package was a joy to look at. It was accompanied by a sweet note from Sabiha. Inside the package I found two wrapped little boxes.

In the first box I found this wonderful wooden box filled with sealing wax and the tiniest pen nibs. There is also an ink pot and a lovely quill. But look closely at the lid of the box...do you see it? There's an inscription on it! It says: M. van Grootheest de Kleijne. Isn't that fantastic?!

Martha van Grootheest de Kleijne was the owner of Singel 224 in the 18th century. You can read Martha's story here. Isn't this a wonderfully personal gift?

In the second box I found wonderful kitchen utensils. When Sabiha asked me what I wanted her to make for me, I told her I really liked the cutting boards she made a while ago. And look what she sent me! I just love the big board for cleaning fish.

The utensils include spatula's, milk frothers and a very sharp knife. It even has a sharpened edge! The cutting boards have signs of wear from years of use. I love them!

Thank you Sabiha for your lovely gifts!