I was searching my blog today looking for a photo of my sewing box but I couldn't find it.  That is, I did see a tiny bit of it in a post from September 2015.  At the end of the post I wrote that I would tell you more about it in my next post.  Which for some reason I never did. So, nearly a year and a half later, here is the sewing box...

 I bought this sewing box on stand from Chris Malcomson at the Kensington fair in May 2015
I believe this was one of his earlier pieces.  Although it is a charming piece, it does have some flaws so I felt it was OK to make a few changes to it.  

 I put silk on the inside lid and made a silk velvet pincushion. I used the same silk on the chairs.  Then I had fun filling it with sewing items which I have been collecting over several years.  And of course I had to make some tiny pins and a needle and thread for it.

The box has several compartments with lids and the top tray lifts out to reveal a large compartment for bigger items.  I just keep a few spools of yarn in there.  

It wouldn't be one of Chris Malcomson's pieces if it didn't have marquetry on it.  The lid is delicately decorated with pretty flowers and green leaves.

My collection of sewing accoutrements has come from different sources.  The tiny ivory thimble, the silver scissors and the silver and ivory thread holder (hanging from the chain) came from Ligia's Miniatures.  The ivory darning egg came from Jürgen Engel.  The ivory spools and darning egg on the ebony handle came from Alan Waters. The packet of sewing needles came from Anita Deegen.