Last weekend I spent a wonderful two days in Arnhem, visiting the Dolls House Arnhem Show.  As usual I really needed those two days to try and see everything, and I am sure I missed a few stalls again!  I spent a good deal of time chatting to people and meeting old and new friends. 

Sylvia was at the show with her collection of room boxes and I can tell you, they look even better in real life than on the photos we've all seen.  My compliments Sylvia!  And I got to meet Rosanna and Sans!  They are both lovely girls and I really enjoyed being able to spend a little bit of time with them. 

Of course a was able to get rid of some of the money which was burning a hole in my pocket.  After a slow start (a very rare occurence for me) I managed to buy some really good things.  A couple of oil paintings are amongst my favourite buys.  These were painted by a Dutch artist called Elly Ypma. 

This 'Lady with a parrot' was just right for a scene I wanted to create in the front reception room. She is doing some sewing work and I had my eye on a little ladies work table, so that would have been perfect.  Unfortunately I decided not to buy the little table, so my little sewing scene will have to wait. 

 As a tea lover, this painting of a lady drinking tea was also perfect for me.  I love the colours in this painting.  The chair I made a few years ago and with its antique Chinese silk embroidered upholstery it looks so good with the painting!  I still have to make the panelling for this room, so I stole some panelling from the other room for the photos.

I love the painting on the wall in the background, it gives the painting such depth.  I am not so happy with the frames, although this one isn't too bad.  I do want to replace them with better ones though, in time.

The Eusebiuskerk in Arnhem, where the show took place.  It is such a gorgeous venue for a show!  Unfortunately this was the last time at this location, the next shows will all be in Apeldoorn. 

At our lovely hotel  our friend had the room with the huge terrace which is on top of the restaurant, so we had afternoon drinks out on the terrace with views of the river Rhine.  We had the room with the terrace last time we were there.  The river is gorgeous whatever the weather.  This was the view from my window when I woke up.  A foggy start of the day, but it cleared to a beautiful sunny day.

 A couple of days ago I got so sick and tired of the captcha (word verification) which blogger installed on all of our blogs recently, that I decided to remove it from my blog.  I have opted for comment moderation after two days.  
I was not the only one.  Here is what my guest blogger John from Merriman Park wrote.  Will you join us?  

Humans, are you sick and tired of scratching your head when asked to prove you are not a robot and being forced to type the sometimes indecipherable, nonsense-words in your favorite blog's comments section?  Do you vainly squint your eyes into narrow slits in your insane attempt to decode bloggers jacked-up verification process? Have you given up utterly and perhaps completely stopped commenting altogether?


It's easy.  It's simple.  Here's how to do it:

1.  If you're on the New Blogger Interface, switch back to the Old Blogger Interface.

2.  Click on Settings.

3.  Click on Comments. 

4.  Scroll down the page to Show word verification for comments?  Check 'NO.'

5.  Scroll to bottom of page and click Save Settings.

6.  Spread the word and rejoice!

That's all.

Yesterday I visited the exhibition XXSmall at the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague.  It was fan-tas-tic!  Room after room after room filled with dollshouses, dolls and miniatures from the 17th century to the present.   It took us four and a half hours to see everything!

I will show you a small selection of the photos I took.

 One of my favourite dollshouses is this 18th century canal house. It has lost its original colours and most of its furnishings, but I still love it.  It has a wonderful staircase which unfortunately is not visible when the facade is closed. 



 This Italian Palazzo is gorgeous.  Unfortunately it was very difficult to photograph due to reflecting light. 

 This stunning tortoise shell writing cabinet is a bit bigger than 12th scale. I love the light shining through the back showing the beautiful pattern of the material. The silver mounts are gorgeous against the tortoise shell.

 Beautiful beds, a little larger than 12th scale.  I love the bed in the cabinet, maybe this was meant for the smaller home, or perhaps for guests? 

There is a huge collection of 18th century silver miniatures on show at the exhibition.  As I love silver I could not resist taking many photos.  These were some of my favourites. 

The exhibition runs until  March 25th.