Hellooo!   Hellooo!    Hellooo!

There's a bit of an echo here...after not posting for so long. ;-)  I did not have much inspiration or drive to work on miniatures or post anything lately.  Which doesn't mean I didn't do anything at all.

The past few weeks I tried to do a little inlay work.  I had done a bit of inlay before, about 8 years ago in a class by Barry Hipwell.  I must confess I couldn't quite remember how we did it.  At that time I didn't realize I had to write  everything down so I wouldn't forget how it was done.  

After a bit of trying I figured out how to do the inlay again, or something which worked for me anyway.  I used a tray by Émile Gallé for inspiration.  I did make a few mistakes and I'm not happy with the entire design (there were some odd design choices by the great Gallé in my opinion), but I decided to finish it anyway, just for the learning experience.  

It was a LOT of work and I spent a lot of time on hands and knees looking for yet another piece I had dropped (great fun looking for a piece of wood on a wooden floor),  but I did enjoy it.  I learned a lot from making this little tray and I have already found another piece I would like to try and make next.  Now I do need more veneer!

The sides of the tray are made with pear wood, into which I carved a centre line.  I finished the tray with shellac and wax.  It looks lovely and smooth!

Although I made the tray just as an inlay exercise and not with a specific room in mind, it looks quite at home in this Arts & Crafts room in my Canal House.   The curved edge of the tray is repeated in the curved back of the chairs.  

Also for this room I made a cute Arts & Crafts inspired light fixture.   I used an old metal brooch, a bit of brass tubing, a glass shade and a light bulb from Lighting Bug.  Sorry for the poor quality of the photo, but lighting conditions were bad lately.

Even though the lamp is a bit cobbled together, I really like it.  The lamp reminds me of the ones in Standen, an Arts & Crafts house with Morris &Co. interiors in West Sussex, UK.   As you may know by now, I love the Arts & Crafts movement!