I know I promised to show you the rest of the pictures I took at the Arnhem show last weekend, but I've been so busy I didn't have time to post them. It will have to wait for about two weeks because tomorrow I'm off to the USA! And yes, I will be visiting the Philadelphia Miniatura next week, lucky me!

Because of my trip I thought I'd do a little post with an air travel theme. You have probably seen the KLM roombox I made several years ago.

But recently I discovered this fab little roombox:

It is called 'Cockpit d'avion' and made by Dominique of 'Les mains calmes'. I think it is wonderful. If you want to see how she made it, click here (there are 15 pages on the construction of the cockpit!)
The past weekend I visited the Arnhem Dollshouse Show (Arnhem Poppenhuisstad). There were many wonderful things to see, including a few new exhibitors from England and Italy. As usual I didn't have enough time to see everything. I had planned to take lots of pictures, but only managed to take a few which I will show you below. I apologize for the quality of the pictures which is not that good, but at least you will get some impression of the show. All pictures can be viewed bigger by clicking on them.

These first four pictures are of a little circus scene shown by Louise Meertens of Uncia (no website available). I loved this little scene as it was so different from what is usually shown:

The next scene is from Sabine Reckwerth of Bibaminis (www.bibaminis.com). Although I really don't like the dolls (I hate the frozen robot-like pose they all have), I love the shop itself with all the sewing accessories:

The next five images are scenes by Dutch dollmaker Miep Felix Perquin (no website available). You will probably recognize Rembrandt van Rijn and his wife Saskia in the last three pictures. I love Miep's dolls because they are true character dolls, not dolls trying to look like real little people. The pictures don't do the dolls justice at all, but here they are anyway:

The last four pictures I am showing you today are of a Dutch "Poffertjeskraam" made by Jacomine Mink of In Het Poppenhuis. A Poffertjeskraam is a place where they sell 'poffertjes', a type of small round pancakes (delicious!). They are usually served with icing sugar and a knob of butter, but I like them with sliced bananas and whipped cream. In the last picture you can see the cook baking the poffertjes on the special poffertjes range. The same ugly (sorry, I really don't like them!)dolls were used for this scene as in the second scene. As there was an acrylic case over the scene, it was difficult to get a decent shot so the quality of these pictures is even worse than the previous ones:

Tomorrow I will show you my last pictures.
The past four days (and evenings!) I have spent taking a class with Jens Torp. Jens teaches a class near my home about once a year and I've been lucky to have been able to follow five of his classes already! Jens is a lovely man and a great teacher and I enjoy his classes very much. We all made a beautiful silver bowl on stand covered with shells and starfish. It was a lot of hard work, but as always I had a lot of fun and had a couple of great days. In the picture above you can see my finished result. The pictures below give you an impression of the proces of making the bowl on stand.

During day one: some circles cut out from sheet silver, some doming and filing done. The pretty green bowl was turned for us by a Canadian artist.

Marking out the starfish design for the foot of the stand.

All the elements making up the bowl and stand.

Cutting out the starfish for the stand.

The first cuts on the bowl.

At work late in the evening, hammering in a few designs.

After a lot more sawing, filing, sanding and polishing....finished!
It is raining...the wind is howling around the house...yes, definitively autumn!
The garden is showing its beautiful autumnal colours which I have used as inspiration to fill an autumn basket. I have put the basket in the Hall, where it combines beautifully with the colours of the wallpaper, the wood and the porcelain.

I also made a wooden etagere filled with autumn goodies which came from a little kit. I did change the handle for one I liked better. The leaves in autumn colours were my first attempt at flower making about 6 years ago. Although they don't show up well on the photo's, believe me, they are nice and I like them very much. The etagere is in the kitchen of my dolls house.