In November all the lamps of my first Canal House suddenly started giving a very feeble light.  Pretty though it was, it meant there was something wrong in the electrical circuit.   In order to get to the root of the problem, I had to turn my house so I could reach the back where all the wiring comes together.  Quite a big job and I didn't have time for that until last week.

After a time consuming process of elimination, I found the defective light on the upper landing and was able to fix it.  While I was able to reach the back with my soldering iron, I added a couple of new lamps to the system.

In my electrics drawer I found the table lamp with the two hearts.  I'm not sure where I got this from, but it was a cheap light which I bought online I think.  It fits perfectly in my Arts & Crafts room with the heart shapes reflected in the chair backs and the shape of the foot of the lamp reflected in the little Moroccan table.