These past few weeks have been quite exciting for me. As a trained art teacher I have wanted to teach a miniatures class for a long time. So finally, a few weeks ago, I decided I wanted to teach a three-day class in August on constructing, decorating and upholstering a Louis XV Fauteuil. The response I got was overwhelming. The class was fully booked within a day! As not to disappoint too many, I planned a second class in September. This class is also fully booked already!


As you can imagine, I'm really looking forward to Summer School!

Looking forward to delicious fruits in autumn...

...and another class by Jens Torp.
This is the cake/fruit stand I made in last October's class.

Nature unfolds its pretty pleats.
Something I want to make in miniature one day...

Not just for the tourists! This field is at the back of my house and for a short time it is a joy to look out over a sea of colour (click the image for a better view).

Sometimes the details in a photograph can be beautiful...Detail of the corner cabinet I made for the Drawing Room of my dollshouse.
Porcelain by Cocky Wildschut, the doll was a St. Nicholas gift from (and made by) Jody. The doll is about 11/16th inch tall when sitting. Click the image for an even bigger close-up.

I keep this cute bunny terrine in the kitchen of my dollshouse, but today it came out to play.

It is signed on the bottom, but I can't make out the signature. It looks something like F. Granlay. Does anyone know who this could be?

Edit: I just noticed I wrote 'terrine', that should be tureen. Terrine is the word we use in Dutch.

When I opened the curtains this morning I was greeted not only by another beautiful day, but by my blossoming plum trees! They are the first of the fruit trees to blossom each year, but each time I manage to be surprised by how the blossom just 'sneaks in'. One day there's just bare branches, the next...boom...(OK I just wanted to use that word, it means 'tree' in Dutch) covered in blossom.

Wouldn't these be lovely to make in miniature...maybe just one branch in a vase, oriental style. Those tiny stamens with little yellow balls of pollen would be a challenge. Too bad you wouldn't be able to get the fragrance on the miniature ones, it really is divine.

Have a lovely Easter weekend everyone!

I'm in a luxury situation of choice today. We have the day off (Good Friday) and we have nothing planned. I could work on the Louis XV sofa which is nearing completion. But the weather is just gorgeous today, so it's a toss up between miniatures and the garden .... I think this time the garden wins.

What a wonderful surprise I had waiting for me this morning...I have followers! It feels like you are the first visitors to my new home, I am so proud to let you in!

Welcome to MiniKat from Little Thoughts From an Average Mind, De from De-lightful minis, Eva from Mini escenas y manualidades and Debbie from Tiny Treasures.

Be sure to visit their blogs, I have seen some De-lightful Little Treasures and Escenas on them!

How I love spring! After a few lovely warm days some of the tulips are just beginning to come into flower. My favourite tulips are the Parrot tulips with their flamed and feathered petals. A similar type of tulip was extremely popular in Holland in the seventeenth century. The tulips with flamed petals were rare and very expensive. What they didn't know in those days was that the flamed effect was caused by a virus. The modern day Parrot tulip is virus free while still possessing the beautiful features which were so popular nearly 4 centuries ago.

These are my miniature Parrot tulips. I do enjoy making them although they take me long enough! The petals have to be all hand cut and hand painted several times before assembly. The tulips in the first photo were commissioned by someone for a little scene she was working on.
Spring has definitely arrived. Daffodils are in full bloom in my garden and along the roadside. What a terrific plant!
In the garden

Brightening up the front door