Easter Bunny

I keep this cute bunny terrine in the kitchen of my dollshouse, but today it came out to play.

It is signed on the bottom, but I can't make out the signature. It looks something like F. Granlay. Does anyone know who this could be?

Edit: I just noticed I wrote 'terrine', that should be tureen. Terrine is the word we use in Dutch.


  1. Hello Josje,

    I have just realised we have met (so to speak) somewhere before....I shall look forward to seeing all of your beautiful work that you have to show us....welcome!!!!

    Regards, Linda

  2. Thank you Linda! For a second I thought 'have we really met?...' but then I realised what you meant. Yes, we have 'met' before. I still have my old blog for my Dutch readers. I must say this new blogging environment is a bit confusing to me. I'm glad I now manage to post something without having to delete it several times first. I'm still following your blog and loving it!

  3. Thank you Josje, I love blogging and I love getting feed back on my little project...I look forward to following your blog and I notice you already have some wonderful 'followers', they all are so very warm and friendly...


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