Eye sea tulips

Not just for the tourists! This field is at the back of my house and for a short time it is a joy to look out over a sea of colour (click the image for a better view).


  1. Josje, you are very lucky. It's really a joy to see that flower sea. I'd pay for it.

  2. Totally agree.... fantastic view!!!

  3. Rosanna, I did pay for it, so to speak, when I bought the house...;) Although it is very rare to have the tulips there, most years it's potatoes or cows.
    Synnøve, every day I think to myself how wonderful it is to have a view, and once in a while I get this view with a blaze of colour...yes, fantastic!

  4. Hi, great view!!!!!!!, so relaxing!!!!!!!
    thank you for sharing!!!!!!!


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