During the summer I finally made a chandelier for the Blue Salon.  The crystals and electrical supplies for the chandelier have been in my drawer for several years but I never had much inspiration.  Until a few months ago.  

I love this photo above which I took with a fish eye lens, which shows floor, walls and ceiling of the room all at once.   

The body of the chandelier is a glass vase.  I drilled a hole in the bottom to feed the wires through.  Quite a delicate procedure with a few tense moments!  It would be a lot easier to have a piece of glass specifically blown for something like this.  

I'm not sure what the large crystal is (or where it came from), but the small ones are clear Swarovski crystals interspersed with little glass seed beads.

My plan to make more chandeliers and wall sconces ground to a halt when I didn't find the seller of the chandelier supplies at the Arnhem fair this autumn.  Unfortunately, the fair in Arnhem was on the same days as the fair in Birmingham UK and the (Dutch) seller of these supplies chose to go to the UK fair.  I was rather disappointed.  Ordering these things online is not my thing, so no more chandeliers this year.  

So instead of making lights I have started to make a couple of light switches and sockets (outlets? which is the correct word?) to mount on the walls.  It is something I had wanted to do for years, but somehow I never get round to making these little things.  

These round ones are for my Singel canal house.  They will look good for most rooms except the Bedroom and the Dining room where I have used a lot of silver objects.  I will try and make similar light switches in a silver colour, or spray them with silver paint.