Summer is here... My previous post started in a similar way, only a whole season ago.  I spent a lot of time in the garden these past months and it is high time to get back to miniatures.  I did make time to visit the Kensington Dollshouse Festival in London last month.  As usual it was a wonderful fair where I managed to find some treasures to add to my collection.  

One lucky find was this chandelier, made by Weronica Löhr of Crazy4minis.  It's always difficult I think to find the right lights for a room.  Well, lights which fit my budget anyway, so I was very pleased to find this chandelier.

The lines, shape, style and colour of the chandelier are echoed in the decoration of the fireplace and the wallpaper.  Perfect for the Yellow Salon.

Whenever I'm at the fair in London, I buy some of Gill Rawling's (Petite Fleur) metal plants.  This time I bought a pot of pelargoniums (commonly referred to as 'geraniums') for the Yellow Salon.  I like the contrast of informal garden flowers and pot to the somewhat formal style of the room.  

The table (Alison Davies) and the silver candelabra (Jens Torp) are purchases from previous fairs in Holland.  I still need candles for the candelabra and I want to make a marbled top for the table. 
  Now that I have the chandelier in place I can finish the ceiling. 

And so there are many more little jobs to do.  Perfect jobs for rainy summer days, although to be honest, I hope there won't be too many of those.