I have been working in the garden a lot recently, giving me little time for anything else.  Well strictly speaking that's not true, as I have been to London for five days this past week!

As you can see the garden is coming along nicely.  I have planted a hedge and filled the raised bed with soil.  I already have some lovely vegetables growing in there.  The cabbages and lettuces are by Angie Scarr,  the seedlings are made by....me!  Yes, another fantastic Fimo creation by my own fair hands ;-)))

' Hello hello, who's that?',  I hear you ask.  Well this sweet little kitty was my first purchase at the Kensington Dollshouse Festival this past weekend, at precisely 1 minute after 10 ;-)  Can you blame me?  He's just so sweet!  He was made by Annie Willis of Fine Design.

I think he is my favourite purchase from the show.  Perfect for my little city garden.

But hang on, what is he looking at?

It's just the vegetables, not a bird in sight.

OMG it's a rat!  And it's stealing my radishes!  (Rat and radishes made by Georgia Marfels).

 Don't just stand there cat!  Get it, get the rat!  Chase it away, do something! 


I had a great time in London.  I spent a lot of time at the beautiful V&A museum, met up with my Norwegian friends (see this post) and of course visited the Kensington Dollshouse Festival.  I love to see what the exhibitors have made, and chat with them.  But that means that even spending the full two days there doesn't give me enough time to see everything.  I know I know, I talk too much!

Unfortunately that also means I did not take any photos.  None!  I am so sorry!  I really intended to write a full show report...  Of course I will show you some of the things I bought in my next posts.  Until then...!

PS:  I have just decided to name the cat 'Kensington',  for he surely is of noble birth.  I will call him 'Tonnetje'  for short (meaning 'little barrel'  in Dutch, as he is a little bit overweight).  
                                          .....no, not to Australia but to my basement.   ☞

For those of you who watch the BBC's Antiques Road Show, remember Ozzie the Owl?   Ozzie is a 17th century Staffordshire slipware jug and cover which came to the Road Show back in 1990.  The ceramics expert Henry Sandon was lost for words when he saw the rare piece of pottery, which he then valued at between 20,000 and 30,000 pounds.  

I never forgot that piece of pottery which was slightly odd and you might even say a bit ugly, but oh so charming!  Then last month I was at the show in Apeldoorn, visiting Karon Cunningham's stall, and what do I find?  A miniature Ozzie the Owl slipware jug and cover!  Of course I could not resist buying it.  

The miniature version was made by Duncan White.  The body of the owl is the jug, while the head lifts off and can be used as a (tiny) drinking cup.   Little Ozzie is not very photogenic but só very cute!

It will live in my Arts & Crafts inspired room in the basement of my first Canal House.  I am making slow progress on this room, but I have found some great pieces to furnish it.  A few months ago I bought these Voysey dining chairs, made by Kim Selwood.  The Godwin table and Morris chair in the background were also made by Kim Selwood,  I bought those a couple of years ago at the Kensington show.

The Voysey carver chair (also by Kim Selwood) matches the dining chairs.   I love the design with the little heart shape cut out of the back.  

At Louise Meertens stall in Apeldoorn I found another slipware jug.    Unfortunately Louise was unable to tell me who the maker of this one was.   I just thought it was funny I found two slipware pieces I liked on two different stalls.

I thought I was going to need your help in establishing the maker of this jug, but after examining the marks underneath both pieces I concluded that they are by the same maker, Duncan White.  

Who knows, this weekend I may be able to find some more slipware pottery pieces as am I heading out to London tomorrow.   I will be visiting the Kensington Dollshouse Festival!  Anyone else going?  Maybe we can meet in person there!