When I took these photos today, I was trying to think back to when I started work on this room and thought it was around one year ago.    I just looked up the other posts I did on this room and found that I started on this room over two years ago!

I did not have a lot of inspiration for the attic.  And that is probably why it is taking so long.   Starting to work on my second Canal House didn't help either.  
But the last few days I finally picked up where I left off and the attic rooms are starting to take shape.

View from the attic hallway towards the bedroom on the right of the house.  The partition walls all have painted planks (although they are actually made of strips of thick paper).  I have always liked this look and I think it is appropriate for an attic.  
On the right you can just about see the doorway to the bathroom.

I didn't push the partition walls against the slanted roof quite far enough, as light still peeps through there.   In reality that is hardly visible, but still,  I will fix that when everything is ready to be fixed in place permanently.
The hallway can only be seen through the open doors of the bedroom and bathroom.

The end wall of the attic bedroom also has painted planks, in a very lovely blue colour this time.  It is one of those colours which change when the light changes.  
The chair on the left is one I upholstered in a Nancy Summers class when I was a scholarship student at the Guild School in Castine in 2007.    It still needs a bit of finishing...

The 144th scale house was a laser kit which came as a gift a few years ago with a 2 year subscription to the Dolls House Nederland magazine.  I modified it a bit to look like the houses in the pretty Dutch village of Broek in Waterland.  

The bedside table is a gorgeous little casket which came from my grandparents.  The casket is around 100 years old.  It has a gilt exterior with some coloured enameling.  The interior has a silk and padded lining which makes me think it was probably a little jewelry box.  

I made the bed a little over two years ago.  It has a painted and aged wooden frame which I upholstered using white cotton.  

I used some pretty ribbon to decorate two simple lampshades.  A bit more frilly than I would normally have it, but it works well in this room.  

The partition wall has the William Morris wallpaper ' Daisy' on it (by Susan Bembridge Designs).  It's a very pretty design and the colours are perfect for this room.  
I have kept the room quite sparsely furnished, which makes a nice contrast to some of the other rooms in the house.

View towards the attic hallway, looking in through the bedroom window.  You either have to be very tall or stand on a small stepladder to catch this view.   I am quite tall but still stood on a stepladder to take this photo ;-)