Remember the wax carving I worked on for Jens Torp's class half a year ago?  Well here is a quick update...   After it was cast in silver I worked on it for four more days and now it is nearly finished!

And yes it is a mirror.  I took the mirror 'glass' out temporarily so the wood you see now is the rosewood backing.  I still have to make the stand for it and little silver hinges.  

I will do a full post on the process of making mirror when I have it completely finished.  I will reveal one thing was not easy!  It is far from perfect, but I am quite pleased with it.

This morning I found the December issue of Miniature Collector in my mailbox.  When I opened it my eye immediately fell on a small picture of a little kitchen, my kitchen!  Well, the one I made that is.   It is featured in the Miniature Collector Gallery.

If you are a  regular reader of my blog you may remember I made a 17th century kitchen roombox about two years ago (see here and here).  I made the roombox for Mr. Emiel Aardewerk, an antiques dealer who specializes in Dutch silver and miniature silver.

Earlier this year a beautiful book was published by A.Aardewerk Antiquair Juwelier, an introduction to antique Dutch silver miniatures:  "Tall and Small, Antique Dutch Silver Miniatures".  More than five hundred and fifty miniatures of the highest quality are presented in this reference work, together with twenty-seven full-sized silver objects on which some of them were modelled.

The miniature kitchen I made is featured prominently in the book, displaying the finest antique silver miniatures from the Aardewerk collection.  Below are a few pictures I took from some of the pages in the book.

   'My' miniature kitchen.

 Stunning 18th century silver miniature kettles next to a full sized version.

 A beautifully laid table and information on dining etiquette.

Every home needs a hearth and these are for miniature home, in silver of course!

Specifics about the book:
Title : Tall and Small, Antique Dutch Silver Miniatures
Author: A. Aardewerk Antiquair Juwelier
ISBN :    978-90-818671-0-8
Pages : 288 pages, hardback
303 x 242 mm, 576 colour illustrations
Price : Euro 40.00/USD 49.50 (+ shipping)
Language: English 
Publisher: A. Aardewerk Publishers
Available through or