Ten years...a blog anniversary!

Three years ago I wrote a post about my tenth anniversary as a blogger (here).   But now it is the tenth anniversary of this blog, A Beautiful World.

In March 2009 I started this blog as an addition to my website and my Dutch blog.  Many, many posts later (although not lately) and here we are...March 2019.

Photo from my first post on blogger:  Eastern Influence, dried hydrangeas in a vase...

My first two blogs are both sadly no longer online.  In 2017 I managed to copy all of the posts (and some comments) of my second blog and publish them in a book before the blog was taken offline.  My first blog disappeared before I could save any of it so all of those posts and all their information are lost to me forever.

My old blog published.

It took me three full days and evenings to copy and paste the blogs and fit them into the book.  A lot of work but I am glad I did it because I now have my own reference book.  I used BlookUp for this, but I believe there are many other ways of publishing your blog.  Apparently with the blogger format it is very easy to publish your own book and you don't need to copy and paste for days on end.  I will certainly publish this blog too!

Some pages from the old blog book.

More pages in the old blog book.  

Speaking of copying and pasting,  that is exactly what I have been doing with my website http://josje.bouwt.com .  Last week I received an email with the sad news that my website host and provider will stop his services end of March.  That is only a few weeks away!

My website is running on an outdated system and, similar to my old blog, the copying and pasting is not a simple job.  As my website has around 60 pages, which translates to about 450 pages of PDF files, you can imagine it will keep me busy until the end of March.  But I have to do it.  

The homepage of my soon to be cancelled website. 

I do hope to set up another website in the future with most of my current text and photos on there.  That will require some more research into what is best and what the cost may be etc.   As I said, I have quite a lot of pages on my website and will need room to accommodate them all.  
Also, I will probably need a new domain name as it looks like I won't be able to take the domain name josje.bouwt.com with me.....

I promise I will get back to more regular blogging soon, but first I have to finish saving my website content and -something I've been working on for 8 months now- sell all of Elly's miniatures.  

Until then!