...some of it anyway...

A couple of days ago someone asked me what I look for when I add details to my dolls house. I think probably what I look for most are style, colour, shape and authenticity. These all have to fit the bigger picture of course.

The photos above are from the bedroom in my canal house. The room, although modern, has 'original' decorations from around 1750, is very feminine and has a pink and cream/ warm grey colour scheme.

In the first photo you can see a bit of authenticity coming in. The candlestick is a 1750 design. The candle seems to have been used as the wick is black and there are drips along the side of the candle.

In the second photo you can see that the twisted shape of the vase is repeated in both the candlestick and the perfume bottle.

The colour scheme is picked up in the flowers, the wall covering and the embroidery on the wall. The pink is counterbalanced by a few splashes of green.
To make it all a little bit more interesting I have added something which is the opposite of the bedroom theme: modern, black and male, an electric razor (by ULUS miniatures).
I have been very busy lately, no time for miniatures! A few weeks ago I did manage to work on a pair of wall sconces for the dining room of my new canal house.

As I was rummaging through my box of unused miniatures, I found a pair of metal wall sconces with candles which I bought several years ago. Unfortunately the finish on them was not the same, one was a beautiful shiny golden metal finish, the other one seemed to have been painted gold. I never really liked the painted finish.

I decided to gild and electrify them. I use 23 carat gold leaf from Giusto Manetti for my gilding. A book of gold leaf costs around 30 euro's but will last you a long time as the projects are so small.

The sconces had very pretty candles in them, but I wanted to have working lights in the sconces so the candles had to come out. As they were glued in pretty well, I used a ball router bit in my Dremel to remove the candles from the holders.

I cut a pair of electrified candles down to size as they were too long for the sconces. After testing them with a battery I glued them into the holders and onto the sconces.

As I don't have time now to finish the wall on which the wall sconces will hang, I took a quick photo of the elements I will use on the wall. The wall will have panels with pretty yellow wallpaper from Small Interiors in them. Above the panels I will use Dresden paper decorations.