To the right of the kitchen I have started making a room which houses the laundry area, a toilet and the pantry.  In an ideal world there would be a wall closing off the toilet and laundry area from the pantry, but then you wouldn't be able to see them anymore so I left an opening there.  

Half a year ago I tiled the floor but had done nothing else to the room so my first job was to make the windows.  As this is the basement the windows are fairly small and are situated right underneath the ceiling.  The bottom of the windows is the approximate street level.  They are positioned exactly below the two windows of the Blue Salon.  

In my previous post you saw a little bit of the toilet area.  As I was thinking about how to best position this little room, I pinched a door I had made for the garden room months ago.  It looked rather nice so, being a bit lazy, I used it as the toilet door.  I can always make a new door for the other room.  

In this room the mopboards (skirting boards) are aso made up of Delft blue tiles (well, they are really paper, but sssshhh!). As the toilet area would have been a newer addition to the house, I decided to have a different mopboard here.  I used tiny white real tiles which I bought from Stacey's Miniature Masonry along with the stone flooring. I think it looks better with the toilet too.  

The toilet and sink came from my friend Elly and are by Hearth and Home Miniatures I believe.  There were some bits missing so I made a few changes here and there, and sanded and repainted much of it too.  I made a cool little video with it flushing  (shown in my previous post).  For anybody thinking that was real...sorry to disappoint you but it is a sound effect I used in my video.  

I made the loo roll holder from bits of brass I found in a drawer.   

Well, this will be the last time the toilet and sink can be seen like this, as I am putting up the walls around it.  Now you will only be able to see glimpses of it through the open door.  

The toilet area was supposed to have free standing walls which I could slide out when I had to work on the lights or anything else inside there.  But I ran into a problem with the beams, plus I didn’t like how there would be a tiny gap between the walls where they butted up against the side and back walls.

That annoyed me a few days until I came up with a solution:  I cut a hole in the ceiling above the toilet so that the toilet ceiling can be lifted off to reach the LED’s. (The house consists of a series of room boxes). The rest of the ceiling will be permanently attached and the tiny gaps between the ceiling and walls will be plastered over.   

I  used the same LED’s as in the kitchen and used a semi-transparent piece of plastic to diffuse the light a bit.  The toilet can only be seen when the door is open. As it should be of course.  Some more work to do on this but I do love it so far. 

I really like the serenity of the white colours and simple lines, but it won't remain like this as it will be part of the laundry and pantry as well. At least I will still have the photos ;-)