Friday and Saturday I visited the Arnhem Fair with my friend. We had a fantastic time and were able to see and buy a few wonderful miniatures. In the weeks to come I will show some of the things I bought, starting today with some lovely ginger jars.

Over the years I have collected a few full scale ginger pots. They're not precious antiques as they were shipped into Holland by the thousands. In fact, I think you can still buy ginger in these jars. But they're very decorative and I love the green glazes on them. From the early 1900's they are frequently used by Dutch artists in still lifes, Vincent van Gogh being one of them.

At the request of a Dutch miniaturist, French miniature potter Elisabeth Causeret (Poterie Miniature) made ginger pots in miniature. She did a fantastic job, the glazes are so good!

Elisabeth made the pots without a lid and this is how you'll find most of them. The ginger pots were closed with a large cork which was sealed with wax. To find one with a lid is quite uncommon.

I love how the miniature pots have imperfections in the glazes, just like the big ones! When my friend and I came to Elisabeths stall on Saturday, she only had four ginger pots left, two for my friend and two for me. I hope she'll have a few more at the next fair so I can have a small collection of them, just like I do in real life.

I thought I'd share this photo with you as it has a little bit of a pink ribbon in it, and October is breastcancer awareness month! I made the rose as a small birthday gift to send with a chair I made for a friend in Germany.