I'm sorry I made you all wait...These are some of the miniatures I bought at the Arnhem Show. I really love them!

The pull along sheep is by a new artist called Linda Watson (from England). Isn't it precious? I love sheep, I have a couple of real ones myself. This one just be-e-e-e-gged me to take it home with me.

The gorgeous wooden chest and cabinet are by Anne High (again from England). They are so beautifully made, and the carving...oh! She also had a larger chest which I adored but was too big for me, I don't know where I could put that. The small cupboard is really 24th scale, but I could see it hanging on the wall in my kitchen!

The ivory bowl on stand and candle stick are by Vonas miniatures (from Holland). Their miniature turnings are so beautiful and fine. The photograph doesn't do it justice. The ivory of course is legally sourced from old ivory.

Just a quick impression of the location for the Arnhem Dolls House Show 2010. The quality of the picture is so poor because I took it with my camcorder.

The show was wonderful. The Eusebius church is a beautiful church right in the center of Arnhem. There were some excellent miniaturists and I have bought some gorgeous miniatures (photo's will follow later today!). As always my friend and I didn't have enough time to see everything, actually to my disappointment I have not seen at least 80% of what was on offer. We spent much of our time chatting to people!

We did manage to go to the Ronan-Jim Sévellec exhibition. How fantastic to see this! It was pure theatre, or drama and opera as James Carrington said to me. For some pictures of Sévellec's work, click here or visit the Arnhem Dolls House Show website.
Tomorrow I'm going to church to worship and I'm taking my bible. My book of Jobs and of Inspiration. In which I find answers to some questions and help when faced with choices. Oh, my questions and choices are not major ones. They're small, quite small. In fact they're 12th scale.

The photos below show you some pages of my bible. A notebook in which I jot down ideas, measurements, names, prices. In it I keep samples of colours I've used, scraps of wallpaper and fabrics.

The first photo shows two pages of my notes on the Salon. Below it is a photo of my Salon sample card, on which I put scraps of fabric, wallpapers, paint samples and wood. The sample cards are easy to pull out when matching colours at a show.

Notes on my Dining Room and sample card for the Dining Room:

Tomorrow is the first of two days of the Dolls House Arnhem Show. This year for the first time it is held at the Eusebius church in Arnhem. Many of the world's best miniaturists will be there showing and selling their miniatures. I will be there too, with my bible. That reminds me, I still have to go to the cash machine.

It has been months since I have made something for my own dolls house. Yesterday I had some time and made a little something again. Keys with little enamel numbers hanging from them. I know, nothing major, but I think they're cute and I enjoyed making them.
First let me start by saying thank you all for congratulating me on my blog anniversary. I loved reading the many suggestions and requests on what you would like to see me make next. Just to clear up one thing, I wasn't short of inspiration, I was just very curious what you thought I should make.

What a surprise to find that 80 of you entered my prize draw! I've put all of your names on slips of paper, put them in a little hat, gave them a good stir and pulled out one name...

The winner is Ira of Merry Jingle.
Congratulations Ira! Your gift will be in the mail as soon as I have your address.

In her comment Ira wrote this:

'And to what I would like to see you do is some Chinoisserie furniture, lets say that a bamboo chair. This because I love the delicatecy of Chinoisserie furniture and there's hardly none in the market in miniature scale.

And if we go a little bigger, an orangerie filled with plants and mix and match vintage furniture. This is because your work is so suberb and I would love to see how you build the structure of the orangerie and the over all result.'

I love Ira's suggestions for making a (faux) bamboo chair and orangerie. Once I have finished my commissions, I will have a go at making these. In a later comment, Ira also suggested making a Venetian gondola...I think I'm sticking with the chair and orangerie Ira!

If you would like to enter my One Year Anniversary Giveaway draw, today is the last day you can enter! I will draw a winner tomorrow. Good luck!
This past week I needed a specific fabric design which I couldn't find in the shops, so I made a design on my computer and printed the fabric using my own printer. As I was busy getting my fabrics ready I realised not all of you may know how to do this. I decided to get my camera and film what I was doing.

I hadn't realised there was a time limit on YouTube (I have never uploaded any video's before), so I've had to cut the video in half. Part one shows you how to get the fabric ready for printing on, part two shows you the printing process. I hope you find them useful!

It is my blog anniversary! It has been a year today since I started this blog. Although I have been blogging in Dutch since February 2006, I really love this blogger blog because it has put me into contact with people from all over the world. Yes, all of you out there! To celebrate my one year anniversary with you, I am having a little giveaway draw.

For the giveaway I made a 12th scale mahogany chest with upholstered lid. The chest has a white wash finish on the outside and a William Morris design paper finish on the inside. The chest comes with 4 small cushions.

All you have to do to enter my Blog Anniversary Giveaway draw is to leave a comment on this post and tell me what you’d like to see me make next and why. You can enter until March 13th. The draw will be made on Sunday, March 14th and then I'll announce the winner here. Have fun!