Book of Jobs

Tomorrow I'm going to church to worship and I'm taking my bible. My book of Jobs and of Inspiration. In which I find answers to some questions and help when faced with choices. Oh, my questions and choices are not major ones. They're small, quite small. In fact they're 12th scale.

The photos below show you some pages of my bible. A notebook in which I jot down ideas, measurements, names, prices. In it I keep samples of colours I've used, scraps of wallpaper and fabrics.

The first photo shows two pages of my notes on the Salon. Below it is a photo of my Salon sample card, on which I put scraps of fabric, wallpapers, paint samples and wood. The sample cards are easy to pull out when matching colours at a show.

Notes on my Dining Room and sample card for the Dining Room:

Tomorrow is the first of two days of the Dolls House Arnhem Show. This year for the first time it is held at the Eusebius church in Arnhem. Many of the world's best miniaturists will be there showing and selling their miniatures. I will be there too, with my bible. That reminds me, I still have to go to the cash machine.


  1. Have a wonderful time at the fair. Can't wait to see what treasures you come home with..

  2. An artists notebook is often more than a record of the artwork, but often becomes an artwork in itself. And it seems your book of jobs is just as inspiring as your house. Loved the sneak peak into the workings of your mind Josje.

    Enjoy the shopping!

  3. Beauty in the planning stages is beauty in and of itself.

  4. Oh, wouldn't I want to go too!

    And your "bible" looks really nice, I've kept many of them at work, they are fun to do :)

    I took the package to the post yesterday, hopefully the eggs travel shafely :)

    Have fun,


  5. When I started reading I began to feel a tinge of guilt that my parents efforts and Catholic girl's schooling had failed, as I must admit the first thing that comes to mind about Easter is - chocolate.Then as I read on I realised that you were in fact heading off to a miniatures show so I don't feel so bad. Have a great time, would be wonderful to be there and great idea with the notebook, it would no doubt help to weed out the not-so-bright ideas too.

  6. Your notebook is fascinating, it is like a true decorator's notebook.It is very precious.We can see that you are a true artist. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  7. I like this peek into your bible and the way you gather ideas. Have fun at the show.


  8. What a great idea Josje, and have fun at 'church' - wish I could come with you!

  9. A lovely book, I'd love peeking in it for a while. the show must be great.... another project in my drawer... Hae fun Rosanna

  10. Josje,

    What a brilliant idea. I am going to follow your lead in doing this. I am just getting started so it will be very useful. Yours is very tempting, I would also love to look through it.
    Have a wonderful time at the show!!! I can't wait to see what you bring home and hopefully some pictures.

  11. Very nice Josje! I'm keeping a book like that too, but it doesn't look as professional and stylish as yours.

    Have lots of fun in Arnhem! Too bad I can't go this year, but maybe you can have fun for 2 ;)

    groetjes Evelien

  12. Misschien komen Sabiha en ik je wel tegen, wij zijn er ook. Veel plezier
    Groetjes Sylvia

  13. I keep a little "bible" as well (well 3 "bibles" actually!) and I'll also be at a big fair at the weekend.

    It's nice to look back through the books and more often than not, something inspirational will strike again!

    Enjoy your fair!

  14. Hi Josje,
    I too keep books like these, they are so helpful, fun to do and you know exactly where every thing is....I could not survive with out them...(very dramatic I know!!!lol!!)...but that is how it is.
    Have a wonderful Easter!

    Regards, Linda

  15. What an exquisite artist's notebook! I just want to be holding it in my hands to turn the pages and feast on the beauty! Enjoy the mini show!


  16. Josje geweldig "bijbel" heb je hij lijkt wel wat op die van mij vol ideeën, aantekeningen en knipsels. Ik kan er niet zonder, jij zo te zien ook niet, heerlijk toch!

    Groetjes Natascha

  17. Fantastico, su libro, es una buena idea.
    Me encantaría poder estar en esa feria, por lo que he leído en el cartel Será maravillosa.
    ! Que lastima, que yo viva tan lejos.
    Un abrazo, y que se lo pase muy bien.

  18. Leuk je ontmoet te hebben in 'real life' bij de Gronow stand :)

  19. O jee, ik wist helemaal niet dat ik geen volger was....
    Een heel goed idee om n dagboek van je huis bij te houden, dat moet ik ook maar eens gaan doen, dat is erg makkelijk op beurzen.
    Veel plezier op de beurs!
    groetjes marlies

  20. Joshe you have a fantastic art book, I found it so precious, have a nice Easter.

  21. Thanks all! My 'bible' has been a huge help over the past years, not just in the planning stages, but also as a reference book. I often get questions about wallpapers or colours I have used, and most of the time I have to refer to my notebook to find the answers. It has been well used. My only regret now is that I didn't use a better quality book like one of those Moleskine notebooks for example.

    Margaret: Don't feel bad, my first thought is chocolate too, haha! And you know why I went to church now...

    Lirael: Aha, leuk een naam bij een gezicht. Ik zag trouwens Kameel nog op een andere schouder zitten later op de dag. Het gezicht kwam me bekend voor maar ik weet niet wie het was :)

    Marlies: Het is echt heel handig! En als je niet met dat boek wilt slepen op de beurzen (is toch best zwaar gedurende zo'n dag) zijn die kaartjes een geweldige hulp. Welkom hoor ;)))!

  22. Dat was Marie Louise, die heeft Kameel nu als logee :) Ik heb ook zo'n boek als jij, maar met alle projecten die nog in mijn hoofd zitten. Ik kladder daar alle kleuren en ideetjes in, zodat er op een vrije middag alvast geknutseld kan worden voor dat soort projecten.

  23. I love your "Bible"!!! A good idea!!!

  24. Thank you Blanche. I use it as a reference quite often, so I am glad I started it. It is hard to keep up with it though.


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