I made this little Christmas film five years ago.  

Some of you have seen it already as I have posted this before, in 2009.   But you can never have too much Christmas cheer, so I'm posting it again ;-)

I don't think I have ever shown you a photo of the upstairs landing.  Maybe that's because it isn't finished yet ;-)   The photo shows you the right side of the landing, with the door at the front opening into the bedroom and another door in the back, opening into...well, nowhere.   In fact, it doesn't open at all as it is a false door.

A few years ago, on an impulse,  I added a box to the back of the bedroom and the landing.  I just cut out part of the back wall and stuck on an old wine box, giving me space for a small ensuite bathroom leading off the bedroom.

With additional space on the landing and after I decided to remove the stairs going up to the attic, I liked the idea of adding false doors (there are two more false doors on the left).   One of the doors in the back leads to the imaginary stairs to the attic (more on that in a next post).

I have put some of my 'pretties'  on the landing,  a few of my miniatures which do not have a permanent  home yet but which look quite pretty grouped together.  
The chair (by Masters Miniatures)  was my first ever Internet purchase, around eight or nine years ago.  The porcelain plate was painted by me.

Chinese figure blue and white porcelain vase (by Henny Staring?) with a Parrot Tulip.  The beautiful marquetry chest of drawers was made by Chris Malcolmson.

' Flowers in a Vase'  after Ambrosius Bosschaert (1573-1621)  by Leslie Smith  
(3 x 4.2 cm without frame, 6 x 7.2 cm with frame)

                             ....dogs, books and blog readers ;-)

Hello my dear readers!  Good to see you're all still here after my long absence.  I have not been able to do much miniature work these past weeks but I would like to show you the results of two classes I took this year.  

I took another porcelain painting class with Cocky Wildschut.  This time I decided to paint this little dog on six tiles. As an example I used an image of a tile tableau which dates from around 1800.

Often these types of tile tableaux were found in pairs, a dog and a cat (I may still paint a cat in a next class).  The dog and cat represented the good and the bad and with a these on the kitchen walls it would be an every day reminder of the choices we have and make in life.  

The dog represented the good, loyalty, watchfulness and honesty.  The cat represented the bad, the incarnation of the devil (witches),  carelessness  and loose sexual morals.  

The other class I took was by Tine Krijnen.  She taught us the art of miniature bookbinding and (gold) tooling the leather spines and covers.   This was so much fun!  Tine made a beautiful box with tools for us to keep, so we can continue producing lovely books at home...

...well, after a little more practice of course.   The photo below shows my finished book.  The gold is very difficult to photograph and does look a bit better in reality although it is not perfect.   The leather I used on my book did not show the tooling as well as my practice-piece did.

As you can see here, my piece of practice leather shows the tooling so much better!   With all the wonderful tools we got from Tine I can think of so many lovely projects to make.  Oh, the possibilities are endless...now to find the time!