Yes I'm back!  With a whole new look!
Although I still like the way my blog looked, I wanted something a little fresher and more up to date. I had a new look in mind, but to implement that idea....

If you've seen my previous post you'll know I had to go offline for a while to make some changes to my blog.  With the winds howling around the house and the rain lashing against my windows it was the perfect weekend to sit down and wrestle with HTML, HEX codes and responsive widgets and tools.  With all the research, trying to figure things out and trying out different things, it has taken me three full days to get my blog working in the new style.

I like it this way.  I like the new front page where you can see several posts at once and you don't have to do endless scrolling to see a post from a few weeks back.   New for my blog is that I have several pages and a menu at the top.  You can still search by label (the labels are at the bottom of the page) and search by date (in the sidebar when you open one of the pages).

Hello dear readers! 
I have not had much time for my blog in recent months, but that's all about to change (she said confidently ;-) ).  I am working on a blog update which means that my blog may be offline for a few days.  Not to worry though, it will be back soon and with a whole new look!

In the mean time I leave you with a photo of this miniature oil painting I bought at the fair in Ulft (Netherlands) recently.  It is an impression of a painting by J.van Ravesteijn (1615), painted by Elly Ypma in 2015.