...and how things don't always work the way you'd like them to.

The daily morning weighing session. He is growing steadily!

What?!! A cutting board in the shape of a rabbit? What are these people like? I'm outta here!!

An update on the little hare we were raising: it is running around in the fields somewhere! Two weeks ago when he was outside in the rabbit run, our darling sheep managed to open up de side door of the run by laying against it. After seeing the cutting board I think our little hare decided it was time to go ;)

A few photos from my files: cabinet on the second floor landing (made by Erna who, a few years ago, gave all of her miniatures to me to make room for a new hobby).

I received a few comments about the photos on my blog going missing. I know, I am sorry! In one of my previous posts I mentioned I was getting a warning from Photobucket that I was approaching my limit of 10 GB of free monthly bandwidth. I think I know the cause of it now (see my post here) and my photos should be back July 2nd. Until then, my apologies for the interruption!

For some reason I am either not getting email notifications of comments left on my blog, or getting them two or three days later than I should. Anyone else having this problem? I don't know whether it is a blogger thing or whether my email program is having problems.

My list of followers is still back, most of the time anyway. Sometimes I can see it, sometimes I can't, but at least that is a huge improvement over not being able to see it at all.
...and how both can be good.

Yesterday fellow miniaturist Debby came all the way from Australia to visit me and look at my canal house. Well, obviously she didn't come all that way just to see the dolls house, but as she was holidaying not to far from where I live, I invited her over.

I very much enjoyed meeting Debby and seeing her work on the photos she brought with her. She had photos of a quilt shop, a nautical shop, a Venetian glass and jewellery shop and a few photos of her dolls house. All of them packed with detail, made with precision and great creative solutions.

Debby made me something as well! On the photos below you can see something typically Dutch, a box of chocolate flakes, which I eat on my bread almost every day. Debby made me a miniature box and a plate with two slices of bread with flakes. Such a thoughtful gift (Debby read my website very well!) I love it!

Visits, yes, definitely a good thing. Now how about good things and viruses? Last week we had unknowingly downloaded a virus by clicking the X on a popup window. The virus stopped us getting to our regular virus scanner and was pretending to scan the computer for us, telling us we had to download this and that to prevent all kinds of bad things happening to our computer.

Our local computer store sorted it all out for us, but the computer had to have a clean reinstall. We lost a lot of info, emails etc. Very annoying and time consuming. How can that be good then, I hear you ask. Well the good thing about it all is that I got my followers back!! Just as many of you, I lost my followers list back in April, and I couldn't get it back whatever I tried.

So unless this is the way you want to get your followers back as well, here is some free advice from me (courtesy of our local computer experts): don't close an unwanted popup by clicking anywhere in the window, instead, find the popup tab on your taskbar, right click it and close it that way.

Update 26/6: Please read how Karin Corbin dealt with this very same problem in the comment section below!
Many times I have been asked for a photo showing all of the rooms in my canal house. Yesterday I had a few lovely ladies visiting me and they commented on how they finally understood how the rooms were situated in the house. There was a lot of 'Oh I thought this room was....' and ' Ah, now I understand...".

I had wanted to put a photo up on my website for a long time, but one on which you could click the rooms to take you to the webpage for that room. For a long time I could not figure out how to do that, but today I did it and it wasn't difficult at all.

When the house is all finished I will take a new picture of it, as this one is a bit gloomy (just like the weather today) and I noticed not all of the lights are working. Click on the photo and you will be taken to my website where you will find my 'clickable' rooms. Confused? ;) Update: I see the photolink to the webpage is not working, click here instead.

A few weeks ago I visited the Kensington Dollshouse Festival in London. I spent two wonderful days admiring all of the beautiful miniatures on show and chatting with the exhibitors. I love talking to other miniaturists and when I am at a show I always run out of time and miss several tables because I have been talking to so many people.

But by talking alone these miniaturists would not be able to do what they do. So of course I also bought a few lovely miniatures, some of which I will show you below.

While I was waiting for Gerd Felka to find me a box and wrap up my purchase from him (I'll show you what I bought from him some other time), I wandered over to a neighbouring table and admired some hats. I really liked this Marie Antoinette inspired model and thought it would look good in my bedroom.

The hat was made by Annette of The Little Hatter. She had a wonderful display of hats, corsets, parasols, hat boxes and dressing screens. When I got home I 'dressed up' a Chrysnbon dress form with linen to act as a perfect hat stand.

When it was nearly closing time on Sunday, I came across Ellie de Lacy's table. I loved her books! They are covered in thin leather and most of them have a wonderfully used look. I bought several books from her, one of them this book about butterflies.

It was wonderful to meet and talk to Small-Time's Keith Bougourd and his wife. Keith made the beautiful artist's desk and chairs I bought last year (see post here). I had only seen his work online so it was a bit of a gamble, but it was well worth it! This time I bought a small tea caddy, veneered in faux tortoise shell. The photos are not that good, everything looks much better in real life.

The small book is by Ellie de Lacy. The twine spools are by David Edwards. I love the little labels on them. The silver pair of scissors are by Jens Torp. Again, these photos are not very good, everything is so much more beautiful in reality.

Lastly, two more items for my collection of sewing accoutrements: a lovely wooden sewing tape measure made by David Provan (no website I'm afraid) and a beautiful little ivory thimble case with a 14 carat red gold thimble made by David Edwards.

In May I was having a lucky streak, not only did I win Sylvia's give away and win a bid for an miniature auction lot, but I also won Hanna Lindroth Miniature Chef 's give away!

It came in the mail last week and when I opened the package, I immediately got a craving for cheese. I think that says a lot about how good it is, doesn't it?
I had a bit of a problem getting a good shot of the cheeses, especially the Brie. A bit difficult to see perhaps, but it has that perfect consistency of young Brie, the soft inside and the slightly dryer rind. The knife in the photos was made by Sabiha, I thought it looked good on the board.

The cheese board now lives on the kitchen table in my Canal house kitchen, where it looks just perfect. Thank you very much Hanna, I love it!