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Many times I have been asked for a photo showing all of the rooms in my canal house. Yesterday I had a few lovely ladies visiting me and they commented on how they finally understood how the rooms were situated in the house. There was a lot of 'Oh I thought this room was....' and ' Ah, now I understand...".

I had wanted to put a photo up on my website for a long time, but one on which you could click the rooms to take you to the webpage for that room. For a long time I could not figure out how to do that, but today I did it and it wasn't difficult at all.

When the house is all finished I will take a new picture of it, as this one is a bit gloomy (just like the weather today) and I noticed not all of the lights are working. Click on the photo and you will be taken to my website where you will find my 'clickable' rooms. Confused? ;) Update: I see the photolink to the webpage is not working, click here instead.

While I am on the subject of photos...The photos I show here on my blog are linked through Photobucket. This allows me to show bigger photos on my blog, which I like. Yesterday I received an email from them saying I was approaching my limit of 10 GB of free monthly bandwidth.

The same thing happened last month. When I checked what was going on, I found that my Windsor castle photo was getting a huge amount of hits. I thought it must be the name of the photo so I changed it, and sure enough, the hits stopped.

So today I checked out which photo was causing the hits this time. It was the KDF hat one (last post). I really could not understand why so many people wanted to see that particular photo. I even googled the name I had given the photo to see what came up, it was an old VW car!.

Then all of a sudden it dawned on is the first photo of each of my posts which is getting soooo many hits...the same photo that shows up on each blog which has a bloglist which includes my blog! Each time one of these blogs is opened, that picture is shown as well.

Easy solution: the first photo on my blogposts will be uploaded through blogger again. Smaller than I'd like, but it will work!


  1. Josje, your Canal House is just STUNNING! I can't believe my eyes... everything is so real and so perfect! You are a WONDER! Your work and creativity and VISION are extraordinary! I can't read the Dutch.... but I am in AWE of your beautiful creation! Thank you for showing the whole house! I, too, like to see the pieces of the whole fit together. It is Beautiful, just STUNNINGLY beautiful!

  2. Es una casa muy hermosa! me encanta y está llena de ese ambiente, como si estuviera habitada.
    Un abrazo

  3. Daydreamer, thank you for the compliments! I just realized that the photos are linking to the Dutch pages of my website. Sorry about that! I corrected it so now the links will take you to the English pages.

  4. Rosamargarita, Thank you for your lovely comment, I understood your comment without having to translate it :)

  5. I can only ditto Daydreamer's comments.:o) Absolutely outstanding in every sense of the word!

    If my Edwardian house turned out to be a fraction to this standard I would be more than over the moon!

    Michelle xx

  6. Fantastic ,I have a long time to see such a realistic period house ! Congratulations!I love the stairs a lot .

  7. Thank you for that photo. I know most of the rooms so well but I had never sen how they were layed out/situated in relation to each other.

    I took the photo to Picasa to enlarge it and lighten it so I could get a better look. I am not sure what that room is on the let side of the bedroom. Is it a bathroom? I don't remember ever seeing a shot of a bathroom.

    It is just BEAUTIFUL!

  8. Thank you for that photo. I know most of the rooms so well but I had never sen how they were layed out/situated in relation to each other.

    I took the photo to Picasa to enlarge it and lighten it so I could get a better look. I am not sure what that room is on the let side of the bedroom. Is it a bathroom? I don't remember ever seeing a shot of a bathroom.

    It is just BEAUTIFUL!

  9. Michelle and Tam toum, thank you both for such nice remarks! Glad to hear you like the house!

    Catherine, thank you too! The room to the left of the bedroom is actually a landing. It houses the linen closet and will have stairs going up to the attic. I don't have a webpage made of it yet, it is one of those rooms I have done some work on, but not a lot.
    There is a small bathroom behind the bedroom (the door on the left). You can only catch a glimpse of it through the open door. Again, not finished. I think I will make a full bathroom in the attic space. One day. Haha.

  10. Hi Josje i just spent a happy half hour looking at your amazingp ictures, your so clever ilove how you did the floors and your tips on shabbying the chairs etc wonderful work thankyou regards Chrissey

  11. That's a lot of stuff to figure out! But your dollhouse is superb.

  12. Josje dear, I infinitely thank you for showing your entire house!
    I finally understood the arrangement of the rooms!
    I went to visit each room, and all that I have seen, is the confirmation that you're the biggest, the cleverest, the most patient and precise, and meticulous artist I know!
    masterful! your work is incredibly realistic!
    wonderful!!!... I love, love, love it!!
    I do not know how to express in words all the emotions I felt in every little detail!
    I absolutely love your home and I can not even imagine how it can be seen up close, in fact, I prefer to see from your blog, so I can enjoy the pictures more closely and stand for hours watching ... and die of wonder! :)))
    I noticed your vast library! I now understand your interest in my books! ha ha!
    come see my etsy shop:

    Periodically, public self new books, maybe there's something that can be interesting for you!
    the next book, it will be "Moby Dick"
    the text, and the cover, the original of 1923!!
    it will be readable with many black and white illustrations, beautiful!
    I'm doing the glue to dry.

    kisses, and again, thanks! has been a wonderful journey ...
    xxx Caterina

  13. Josje dear, I just decided to build a new home, a "serious", and I think this will come often to see your beautiful canal house, to get ideas and suggestions especially with regard to the construction of floors, walls, fireplaces positioning etc.. etc..
    My house will be Georgian, but we know: some information always come in handy, when given by a person with talent and refined, like you :-)
    Thanks for all the photos and explanations: I love your web site very well, I am a frequent visitor :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  14. Your house is one of the most beautiful and detailed I know of.
    But it is a comfort to know that you have that same headache with lights that did work,suddenly refuse to do anything at all.I see it on a regular basis, and I hate that!!!

  15. Ohhhhh my God....your Canal House is just WONDERFUL!
    I have never seen a house like this! Such a dream!!!!!


  16. This house is beautiful....I would love to stand in front of it and just gaze!!! Thank you for the info on photos too....really useful! xx

  17. Wat enorm leuk om een overzicht van je hele huis te zien. Alles is even mooi en in het echt vast nog veel mooier!

  18. Hoi Josje, ik snapte wel hoe het een beetje met de indeling zat, maar ik zie nu ook dat er twee kamers zijn die ik gemist heb. De kamer naast de keuken en een soort halletje op de bovenste verdieping. Ik weet niet waar de ruimte precies voor gebruikt gaan worden maar het ziet er naar uit dat je bijna klaar bent met het inrichten van het huis?

  19. Fantastic, and the hat - beautiful!

  20. Hoi Josje,
    Leuk weer eens zo'n "overzichtfoto" te zien.
    Ben benieuwd naar je souterrain.
    Ik neem aan dat je de zolder ook nog onder handen moet nemen, toch?

  21. Dat is leuk om het geheel eens te zien.Geweldig hoor en je schiet al aardig op.

  22. Just spent a wonderful half an hour touring your fabulous house.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your marvellous project.

  23. Thanks everyone! Glad you like the photos and are finding some of the info useful.
    I just noticed all of your responses. I realised I am not getting email notifications from blogger anymore. Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

    Caterina, I will email you I promise! It has been a bit busy here lately.

    Flora, good luck with your new dolls house! I'm sure you will spend many happy hours (weeks, months, years!!) on it.

    Elly, thank you! And yes absolutely, things go wrong with me all the time. Well not with me personally, I mean with my house and what I do with it. The lighting system suffers from my abuse to the house, haha!

    Jeffry, ja de zolder en het souterrain. Ik heb wel een kleine start met het souterrain gemaakt, maar daar moet nog heel veel aan gebeuren.

    Sylvia, ik schiet al aardig op....hahahaha! Ik ben ook pas 8 jaar die tijd heb jij half Nederland al van poppenhuizen voorzien ;)

  24. Hi Josje, your pictures are lovely as always.

    You may already know this but all your other pictures in the posts before this says "photobucket, bandwidth exceeded" I know you are having problems with bandwidth before but looks like it's exceeded again :(

  25. Hi Sans, yes I know. I think it may be because of the bloglists on everyone's blogs. I will see what happens next month if I upload the first picture on my blog through blogger. If that doesn't work either I will have to decide if I really want to pay for photobucket or not. For now I'm afraid you have to wait until the 2nd of July to see the pictures again. My apologies!

  26. Bonjour ,
    Je voulais tellement voir une photo de votre maison entière .
    J ai donc chercher toutes les pages de votre blog et j ai trouvé . Je suis ravie car j ai pu voir aussi plein d autres posts que je n avais pas lus .
    Ce projet est magnifique . J aime beaucoup les proportions de cette maison . Vos recherches sont très intéressantes .
    J ai pris beaucoup de plaisir a lire tous vos messages . Je sais maintenant ou se situe la chambre , le salon et la cuisine avec vue sur le pommier .

    1. Hello Catherine, I'm glad you found the photo! And thank you for reading through all of those posts, I happy you hear you enjoyed it. As I wrote in the other comment, I will take a new photo once the house is all finished, which won't be too long now!


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