My friend and I went to Arnhem last Thursday. We took a class with Ann High on Friday, carving a relief design for a 14th century chest. It was a wonderful class and I have learned a lot, even though I did not finish the chest.
I planned to take pictures during the class but forgot all about it. However, you can read a short report on the class by my classmate Marion on her blog 'Marion's Miniatures'. In case you are wondering which one is me in Marion's photos, I am the one sitting opposite Marion, in the grey T-shirt (second photo).

On Saturday my friend and I went to the Arnhem Dolls House Show. As usual we didn't have enough time to see the whole show and missed many stands. But it was a wonderful show again and we both bought some great miniatures. This time I only bought a few small items, but I still managed to be out of money before the end of the day.

I quickly snapped a few photos of some of my purchases:

Some china by Stokesay Ware for my new dining room. I still need the flatware and cutlery as you can see ;) Also yummy sandwiches, some apple slices and an Easter bunny by Georgia Marfels. In the background you can just about make out the wallpaper I bought for the new dining room.

The china again, this time an accidental artist's impression. I hit a wrong button in my photo editing program and this image came out. I rather liked it.

This wonderful group of cherubs was made by a Spanish artist, Victoria Heredia Guerbós. Isn't it amazing? Just look at all the detail!

With my hand close to the cherubs you can get a better idea of the minute detail Victoria managed to get into this piece. Look at the little bellies on them, so precious.

Back in November I ordered a few pieces of furniture from Keith Bougourd of Small-Time. Keith makes beautiful clocks, but also wonderful furniture and other small items. Be sure to check out his 'how it is made' page, where you can see a short video from the Discovery Channel showing Keith making one of his clocks.

Yesterday the postman brought me the pieces Keith made for me. I love them! On the photos below you can see an Artist Metamorphic Desk with ivory brush pot, a Charles Voysey Swan Chair and an ivory telescope. Aren't they beautiful?

As a backdrop for the photos I clamped some Arts & Crafts wallpaper against a piece of wood and put a piece of fabric down to act as carpet. The room the furniture will go in eventually is the basement of my first canal house, but I haven't started work on that yet. The beautiful furniture has inspired me to get to work on it though!

...little work was required on this one.

Two weeks ago I renewed my subscription to Dolls House Nederland. Last Wednesday I found a lovely thank you gift in my mailbox, a 144 scale house kit. As I was a little bit stuck with my new 12th scale house, I decided to give the little kit a go.

The house reminded me of the houses I had seen in Broek in Waterland, a very pretty village close to Amsterdam. So I painted the house in a grey-blue colour which is common for the houses there. Once I had painted the house I realised the wooden tabs and slots now didn't fit together anymore. After a lot of fiddling and cutting down the tabs I decided to cut the tabs off and simply glue the house together.

I made a few changes to the house. I left the top floor out. The side wall with the window is now on the left side of the house. I decided to keep the right side open and to glue the gable to the front. On the front of the house the top half of the gable is added on, so I could change the shape of it. I changed the door a little and gave it a door frame. By adding moulding and frames (cut from acid free card stock) a little more depth was achieved which makes it a little bit more interesting to look at.

The final touch was the landscaping, I used model railroad materials for this.
It was a fun little project. I don't think I'l be starting on furnishing the house with 144th scale furniture any time soon though.