...every kitchen should have one.

I know, I am getting ahead of myself!  But when I was doing some research for the kitchen of my new Canal House I saw  this 4-oven AGA kit from Gable End Designs and I just could not help myself, I had to get it.  I love AGA cookers,  I already have a small 2-oven AGA in my first Canal House and a full sized 4-oven one in my real kitchen.

Gable End Designs sells the modern Aga's and the 1935 model in kits and ready made.  I wanted the 1935 model, but I wanted it black (even though black is not original to that model) so I ordered the kit.  I spent two days painting and doing little touch ups, but I love how it turned out:    

 This is the kit as it comes in the mail:  the cooker and top, two oven inserts, two chrome lids and four oven doors.   It comes complete with a description of how to paint the kit, which paints to use (brands, colours etc.) and how to put it together. 

 All the large parts are sprayed with car paint.  The details are added by using Humbrol paints.   I didn't have all of the colours suggested in the description, so I mixed some of my own colours, using my real AGA as a guide. 

 Some of the AGA kit parts drying on the full sized AGA lid.  I use my real AGA a lot for drying paint, it is so quick!  I was in the middle of cooking dinner when I took this photo, the hotplate on the left is in use giving off even more heat to dry the paint.

 All of the parts painted and ready for assembly.  I did have to adjust the oven doors a bit as the paint on the inside of the doors was a bit too thick to let the doors close fully.  A little sanding and filing soon fixed that though.  I painted the insides of the ovens a dull silver and dirtied the edges a bit, as the real ovens are like that as well. 

 After putting it together I added on a few extra details.  I converted the AGA to a gas fired range with the gas pipes to the right.  On the left I added a water supply so it can be used for hot water as well.  And, to comply with Dutch regulations,  I also added a flue pipe to it  ;-)

So here it is, ready for action.  I may still add some 'dirt' to the hot plate lids and oven doors to make it even more realistic, but for now it is finished!

Last weekend I managed to do a little work on both of my Canal Houses!  I started on my new Canal House, the Herengracht.  I finally put up the two wall sconces I made months ago.  OK I didn't actually make them, but electrified them and gilded them using real gold leaf. 

As I was admiring my sconces I suddenly decided the fireplace was too white and could use some marbling.  I used cream, ochre and golden brown colours for it.  I like it!

In trying to decide whether the room needed more sconces or not, I was playing with these. Not good for this room, but maybe...they could work in my other Canal House... They were too shiny though, so I painted them with diluted Humbrol paint and then gilded the raised areas with gold leaf.  I also carefully bent the arms so they were closer together. 

They look quite good with the mirror in the Salon. 

There still is some work to do in this room, like fixing the log fire, finding/making the right frames for my paintings etc.  All in good time though, after all I have only been working on this house for 9 years!  ;-)

I have not made a lot of progress on my yellow room lately, as the beautiful winter weather we've been having has lured me outside, putting on my ice skates and touring the area on our frozen canals.

Last night we had such a beautiful sunset, the light was streaming through my dolls house windows.  I quickly grabbed my camera to take a few photos.  I love the orange glow in the room.  As you can see I did finish the fireplace and overmantel.  In the reflection of the mirror you can see the lights of my other canal house.   I also put up the cornicing around the room.  None of the walls, fireplace and curtains are permanently attached yet, so you can still see a few gaps here and there (and in my haste to catch the setting sun I put the curtains up too high). 

I have had the wood for the lower ground floor cut as well.  I have put it together with some tape to see what it would look like.  It is big!   I was not happy with the size of the dining room though, so I will have another wall cut for that so it will be 10 centimetres wider.  The total floor space will be 160 cm ( 5'3'' ) by 55 cm  ( about 21.5 inches). 

Here are the two main reception rooms put on the lower ground floor.   The hall will run in front of the two rooms.  To the left will be an open area (which has the courtyard below)  and on the far left will be the Great Hall (which hasn't been cut yet).  All the rooms will be individual boxes which, when put together, will form the complete dolls house. 

OK, time to put on my skates again!