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Last weekend I managed to do a little work on both of my Canal Houses!  I started on my new Canal House, the Herengracht.  I finally put up the two wall sconces I made months ago.  OK I didn't actually make them, but electrified them and gilded them using real gold leaf. 

As I was admiring my sconces I suddenly decided the fireplace was too white and could use some marbling.  I used cream, ochre and golden brown colours for it.  I like it!

In trying to decide whether the room needed more sconces or not, I was playing with these. Not good for this room, but maybe...they could work in my other Canal House... They were too shiny though, so I painted them with diluted Humbrol paint and then gilded the raised areas with gold leaf.  I also carefully bent the arms so they were closer together. 

They look quite good with the mirror in the Salon. 

There still is some work to do in this room, like fixing the log fire, finding/making the right frames for my paintings etc.  All in good time though, after all I have only been working on this house for 9 years!  ;-)


  1. Stunning and spectacular work!!! I greatly admire the delicacy of your finishes and detailing. The effect is so completely beautiful and real!

    You make me feel sane in that you've been working on projects for as long as I have.

  2. What a wonderful room,I'm totally in awe! Your talent for style and colors is breathtaking .Jeannette

  3. Just Beautiful!!!!! Lovely work, I would love to see it for real.

  4. Dit is weer werk van een professional.
    En dat ben je Josje!!

    groet Heleni

  5. This is gorgeous! I love what you did to the candle sconces. You show such amazing attention to detail in your work. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing. Judith x

  6. Everything perfect! and 9 years .... you lift up my heart, I have given myself 10 years and if I can get even only close to your results I'd be happy. Rosanna

  7. Hello Josje!
    Your marbling is superb and the right choice for the fieplace.
    I love the sconces and never considered painting them. They look soooooo much better with your changes and stunning in the room you are using them in. Your talent is more than evident in these rooms. What a pleasure to see!
    Warmest regards,

  8. I love the new finish you put on your sconces!!! They look GREAT on the wall in the living room. So do the ones you made for the new dining room. There is something you are not showing us in there. It is hanging over the fire place. I think I see a new painting. ;-)

    I am very interested in doing some real gold leaf. I have a whole book of real gold but can't find the sizing to apply it. Please email me and tell me where you buy you supplies. XXX

  9. Your work never stops amazing me.

  10. Hi Josje
    You have a great job with your own lights, very pretty. I have the same gold sconces as you and left them gold, but your painted effect is superb, well done. I love the wallpapers you have too.
    I love the Canal House and can't wait for your Posts.
    Best wishes

  11. Hello Josje,
    I want to move in to your houses! The rooms are absolutely beautiful. Great job on finishing the sconces and I think you were right in marbeling the looks fantastic. Your rooms are realistic and very elegent. I LOVE your work.
    Can't wait to see more,

  12. The yellow room is just lovely and altering the sconces was an excellent decision.

    I just love the last picture - the whole room works so well. I want to see it all now!

  13. Aan twee grachtenpanden tegelijk werken...petje af:) De uitstraling van de schouw is zo veel warmer, mooi resultaat! Ik dacht even dat je de spiegel boven de open haard had vervangen voor een schilderij, maar het is de weerspiegeling van de gordijnen in de spiegel..leuk effect:)
    De lampjes zijn zo ook veel mooier!


  14. Un magnifico y precioso trabajo!!!!
    Queda genial en su lugar.

  15. I just realized that what I thought was a new painting is a reflection of your beautiful curtains in the mirror. DUH!

  16. Esta usted haciendo un maravillosos trabajo!

  17. I love the marbling on your fireplace, it's perfect! and fits the room very well. the lights look good too. I find adding lights to a room brings it a certain warmth and makes them seem more realistic somehow. Love how you've altered the wall sconces too. and what a stunning room they ended up in!

    Andy x

  18. Thank you all for your kind comments!

    Elga, you're welcome to come and visit!

    Catherine, I was wondering which painting you were referring to, but yes, it is just the reflection in the mirror. I have sent you an email.

  19. I can believe that you have been working on this beautiful house for nine years. The attention to every detail inspires me. It is so gorgeous.


  20. Gorgeous and so inviting! I truly admire your work! :]

  21. Good Morning Jojse,
    The final photo in your post is so lovely - the reflection on the table gives it such warmth. i have always loved the chair upholstered with the Chinese silk.
    I have been working on my miniature house since 1991 - off and on of course - and I also feel that there is no hurry to finish.
    Regards and many thanks for the opportunity to see your work.

  22. Prachtige wandlampjes.De schouw ziet erg mooi en licht.

  23. Hi Josje! OMG I hope my rooms turn out a fraction as gorgeous as your canal houses! Was that some type of paint you brushed over the sconces to tone them down? I'm having 'issues' with shiny brass in my house. And NINE years?!

  24. Hi Josje,
    Your "marble" is perfect for this room. I also like your adjustments on the scones! By the way I just returned home from Ursem maeking my first's nearly finished.

  25. There's a little something on my blog for you. Please pop over and take a look.

  26. Hi Josje,

    What an incredible difference the gold leaf treatment makes. You have always made such good choices regarding your lighting. The marbling is just right - very subtle.

    The salon is exquisite and the lighting of course adds to it perfectly.Both fabrics on the settees are just beautiful.

    Its always a pleasure to view your work.

    Fi xx

  27. Ooops, I forgot to add the link:

    Irene x

  28. Thanks for your comments!

    Rosanna, I think ten years is a good estimate for finishing a house the size of yours. Have fun with it and I will be following the progress!

    Janine, ah see, I haven't been working at it that long then ;-)

    John, yes, nine years and counting!
    I used diluted Humbrol paint on the sconces (those tiny tins of paint often used on model railroads as well), and then gilded the raised areas with gold leaf. You have to clean the sconces first so the paint will stick better.

    Hey Jeffry, it must have been fun again then, seeing as it is one in the morning, hahaha! Look forward to seeing those curtains, I am sure they are fabulous.

    Hi Irene, thank you very much! I appreciate it!

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  30. Breathtaking! I don't know how you do it but I am SO glad you do!

  31. Thank you Kathi, that is so sweet of you!

  32. It's always a delight to see what you do! That last photo looks like a photo shoot from a magazine! It's that perfect!

  33. I don't have any lighting in my house at the moment but have begun collecting supplies to give it a go. I'd really like to make my own fittings and seeing how fantastic your's turn out is inspiring me to try.


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