Half a year almost...too long since I have posted here.  
I have been very busy though.  Sadly in July a miniaturist friend of mine passed away.   Many of you may know her blog Elly in Amsterdam.  Elly had asked me to take care of her collection of miniatures in agreement with her wishes.

So for the past four months I have been packing, sorting, identifying, pricing and selling Elly's miniatures.  Part of Elly's collection has gone to the Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis where it will go on display soon.  
A few pieces have gone into the Kathleen Savage Browning Miniatures Collection while many other miniatures have gone to private collectors.  

Elly had been collecting for 30 years so you can imagine the size of her collection.  I created a blog to post the available miniatures on.  If you'd like to have a look:  https://ellysminiatures.blogspot.com

There are still many miniatures to photograph and make available on the blog.  In between I get to play with them, put them in my rooms, tempting me to buy them myself.  Which of course is not always possible as my budget is not limitless.  Here are a few of the miniatures in my rooms (some are my own, some have already sold, some are available):

The gorgeous Alan McKirdy dining table with wonderful Georgian Key Stokesay Ware china (which is sold).  The chandelier has real Swarovski crystals.  Elly stitched the seats for the dining room chairs herself in petit point.  

The silver is by Jens Torp.  The cat fire screen in the background is, just like the table, by Alan McKirdy and the stitching again was done by Elly herself (also sold).  

This wonderful pitcher from Elly's collection is by Marsha Hedrick.  I will be available soon on the blog along with some other Marsha Hedrick pieces.  

I loved seeing this piece in my kitchen.  The stove is by the late French miniaturist Philippe Bordelet as is the kettle.  The roasting tin is by Marie-Louise Markhorst (Smallscale).
Some people (you know who you are!!) tried to persuade me to buy this stove myself, but I already have the AGA for this kitchen so, as much as I love it, I'm not buying the Bordelet stove.  

 Apart from ellysminiatures.blogspot.com I post about once a week on my Instagram account: @josje.bouwt