The last room in the attic of my canal house 'Singel 224' has long stood empty until I finally decided it would be a children's room.   I am using an oak floor which was left over from a previous project. 

 Under the sloping roof I am building a closet-bed. I will share more about the bed another time, because as I was testing the fit of the unfinished bed, a little bedtime story just...happened.  

Two bears
'A bedtime story'

It has become somewhat of a tradition...Every year I take at least one class with Jens Torp and one with Cocky Wildschut.  This year was no exception. 

 Half a year...What can I say?  It has been a busy summer.  

But a good fair helps to get me working on my houses again.   Last weekend at the fair in Ulft, the Netherlands, I bought these chairs from Alison Davies.  She scales down photographs of full sized antique chairs using AutoCad (I believe), then casts are made from a master copy, making the final pieces quite affordable.  

The style of the chairs fits very well in my Blue and Yellow Salon, but the colour of the upholstery does not.  The sage green is the perfect colour for my first Canal House, but that's not where they will go, so...

I decided to gild one of the chairs, just to see how it would look.  I really like it, but it took a lot of gold leaf, leaving me not enough to finish the other three chairs.  I tried several fabrics but loved this vibrant raspberry coloured silk.  Even though the chair on the right looks wider, the chairs are all exactly the same size.   It is probably the angle of the photo which makes it look bigger.  

I love the pop of colour in the Blue Salon.  It is not quite finished yet as I still want to add 'springs and webbing'  to the underside of the chair and I may still add fabric to the armrests.  

The little Queen Anne tea table was made by Elga Koster and is awaiting my attempt to chart and embroider a table top. Not sure when that is going to happen ;-)

For the Yellow Salon I think the original colour of the chair works better.  I tried yellow, golden, patterned and cream fabrics, but again chose the raspberry silk for the pop of colour.  Plus I like to have some sort of continuity in colour and materials from room to room.  

The little wall table (above) is also by Alison Davies.  I haven't made any changes to it.  Yet.  I think I will paint it.  Or gild it.  And marble the top.  Probably.  ;-)