I love peonies. I know many of you do too. I grow several peony bushes in my garden and, although later than normal, they have all just come into flower this week. The past few days the weather has been lovely and sunny, but quite windy. One of the flowering stems blew over in the wind so I cut it and put it in a vase in my kitchen. The single stem has six flower buds on it!

I would love to spend some time copying these beauties in miniature, I like to have the real thing to look at when I am making miniature flowers. Unfortunately I don't have time now, so I took a few photos for future reference. Aren't they gorgeous?

A few months ago I was contacted by Janne, a Norwegian lady, inviting me to come and stay with her for a few days and teach a group of miniaturists from the Stavanger area how to make my Louis XV Fauteuil. The class was to be taught in a cabin in the beautiful mountains outside of Stavanger. That sounded great so I gladly accepted the invitation. Last week I flew to Stavanger from Amsterdam on my mini trip. I would like to share an impression of my trip with you.

Pretty house in the old part of Stavanger.

Old Stavanger has some very pretty streets with lovely houses and gardens.

We visited 'Breidablikk', a beautiful mansion from 1881 with completely original interiors.

The cabin in the mountains, looking rustic on the outside, on the inside a large luxurious house.

Gorgeous views around the cabin.

The same view, this time it is 02:00 AM. Being so far north at this time of the year, it doesn't get completely dark at night, giving the mountains a beautiful outline at night.

The class at work. Work continued late into the evenings, but we all enjoyed ourselves.

The weather was gorgeous, so we did some of the work outside in the sun. Not too bad with a view like that, right?

Hands at work.

The class results, the chairs are nearing completion. Each one looking different from the other, but all are looking very good. Teacher is pleased ;)

While sightseeing in the mountains we ran into a bit of trouble. The roads in Norway can be hazardous...No, not really, this is the old road which has been blocked off. The new road is leading through the mountain via a nice new tunnel.

More beautiful views. The last day of my stay I was taken on a sightseeing trip through the mountains. The Norwegian countryside is stunning.

I had a wonderful time in Norway. All the ladies in my class were lovely and hard working and the results were great. A big thank you to our hostess Janne, you did a wonderful job!