Mini trip to Norway

A few months ago I was contacted by Janne, a Norwegian lady, inviting me to come and stay with her for a few days and teach a group of minia...

A few months ago I was contacted by Janne, a Norwegian lady, inviting me to come and stay with her for a few days and teach a group of miniaturists from the Stavanger area how to make my Louis XV Fauteuil. The class was to be taught in a cabin in the beautiful mountains outside of Stavanger. That sounded great so I gladly accepted the invitation. Last week I flew to Stavanger from Amsterdam on my mini trip. I would like to share an impression of my trip with you.

Pretty house in the old part of Stavanger.

Old Stavanger has some very pretty streets with lovely houses and gardens.

We visited 'Breidablikk', a beautiful mansion from 1881 with completely original interiors.

The cabin in the mountains, looking rustic on the outside, on the inside a large luxurious house.

Gorgeous views around the cabin.

The same view, this time it is 02:00 AM. Being so far north at this time of the year, it doesn't get completely dark at night, giving the mountains a beautiful outline at night.

The class at work. Work continued late into the evenings, but we all enjoyed ourselves.

The weather was gorgeous, so we did some of the work outside in the sun. Not too bad with a view like that, right?

Hands at work.

The class results, the chairs are nearing completion. Each one looking different from the other, but all are looking very good. Teacher is pleased ;)

While sightseeing in the mountains we ran into a bit of trouble. The roads in Norway can be hazardous...No, not really, this is the old road which has been blocked off. The new road is leading through the mountain via a nice new tunnel.

More beautiful views. The last day of my stay I was taken on a sightseeing trip through the mountains. The Norwegian countryside is stunning.

I had a wonderful time in Norway. All the ladies in my class were lovely and hard working and the results were great. A big thank you to our hostess Janne, you did a wonderful job!

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  1. Enhorabuena por ese viaje fantastico.
    Las fotos son preciosas.
    Los sillones os quedaron a todas de maravilla.
    besitos ascension

  2. Daar zullen de dames geen spijt van hebben, onder jouw leiding een fauteuiltje maken.
    Prachtige foto's Josje.

    groet Heleni

  3. First of all; welcome back Josje ! then, it must have been truly a nice experience. The lanscape is gorgeous. Norway is on my list of places and now you reinforce my will to do it.Alas my poor little chair is stiil naked due to too much time devoted to Simp. But I'll catch up next Summer. Have a nice day, Rosanna

  4. What a wonderful trip you've made, the Norwegian landscape is so beautiful :) And your chairs, they are just fabulous, it's nice to see how different people have made it :)


  5. All of the armchairs are superb! And the trip seems it was great too:)

  6. Oh, my goodness! How breathtaking! Thank you for showing me a part of the world I likely will never see! And those chairs are all divine! So beautiful! I love those beautiful houses and that rustic lodge is gorgeous. My husband started my dream log cabin in miniature and says he will resume work this winter! We'll see!


  7. What a wonderful invitation for you Josie! There certainly was a beautiful pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. I am sure you were delighted with such beautiful scenery and accommodations.

    WOW! You sure had a lot of students. I am sure they all loved your class... I would have!

  8. hoi JOSJE
    Wat leuk zeg ,en mooie foto,s En weer prachtige stoeltjes.
    groetjes adrie

  9. Hoi Josje,
    Wat leuk dat je werd gevraagd om daar een workshop te geven. De omgeving ziet er werkelijk prachtig uit. Ook heel leuk om eens mee te maken dat het s'nachts niet donker wordt, ideaal met onze hobby!
    De eindresultaten van je workshop zien er wederom weer erg goed uit...hartstikke leuk!!

  10. How absolutely beautiful! The landscape, views, the houses and of course the miniatures. :) Thank you for sharing this with us, what a special trip.

  11. What a beautiful place to teach. You must have had a wonderful time. And I can tell you are a good teacher - the results are lovely!


  12. I go with Peach Blossom Hill in that I'll probably never see that country either. I just loved the look of the little narrow streets. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your mini adventure. Chairs are lovely, by the way!

  13. Thank U, Josje, for being such a great teacher. I had a great time at the cabin too and I am so happy for my sweet little chair :D I am glad to hear U enjoyed your minitrip to Norway. Hope to see U again some day :D Take care!!

  14. How beautiful...such stunning scenery. And you got to make minis...lucky girl.

  15. You All made the most beutiful chairs! I beleive that you had a great time and thanks for showing so lovely pictures.Norway is fantastic!

    Lena from sweden!

  16. beautiful place!!!!!!!!!
    wonderful work!!
    Hello Josie, I am organizing an international swap on my blog. the "Holiday Swap" you want to participate? Come read the rules on my blog ..
    kisses, Caterina

  17. What a wonderful post -- thank you so much for taking the trouble to share your photos with us. I'm amazed (although I suppose I shouldn't be :) how much like parts of Canada it all looks! Beautiful.

    Your class did some great work too, which must have been very satisfying for you as their teacher.

  18. Ooooh Norway is a must do! Helene (Pubdolls) here I come :):). Thank you Josje, for sharing this. You are in a class full of talented miniaturists :).

  19. Felicidades el pueblo se ve tan agradable, y en las clases con ese paisaje seria perfecto estar.
    un abrazo

    Congratulations the people(village) meets so agreeable, and in the classes with this landscape serious perfect to be.
    An embrace

  20. Norway is so lovely, a very beautiful country with the most wonderful nature. Very nice for you that you give a workshop in such nice surroundings.
    The chairs a wonderful.

    greetings Natascha

  21. Thanks for a great weekend with you. You are a good teacher, which made it possible for us to come home with a great chair.
    We look forward to meeting you again!
    We'll talk
    Hugs Janne

  22. Primero que nada tu blog ¡Es simplemente maravilloso! ¡Que alegría encontrarlo! ( =
    Debe ser lo mas increíble compartir físicamente, este mundo de miniaturas...Por eso para mí es tan importante el internet que me ayuda mucho a no sentirme sola con esta afición, ya que por aquí no hay con quien hacerlas ) =
    ¡Felicidades por ese viaje!!!
    Y las sillas ¡de lujo!!!!!!!

  23. Hoi Josje,
    Wat een bijzondere trip naar Noorwegen en ook al geef je een les aan pph dames in Noorwegen in de berghut. Je bent zeker niet gewend met een "lichte" nacht. Prachtige natuur.
    Ik weet zeker dat je daar genoten hebt.
    Mooie stoelen gemaakt!
    Groetjes Lisette

  24. Where can I find classes or tutorial like this in Spain. All your creations are really well done. Thanks to share it all over the world..

  25. hoi josje wat super dat je een workshop mocht geven in noorwegen! erg leuk lijkt me zo'n uitstapje en dan ook nog lekker mini-en
    de stoelen zijn weer erg mooi geworden

    groetjes linda

  26. Hello Josje ... do you have an email address listed, so that I might talk to you about information on those wonderful little French arm chairs you make. Please let me know, and thanks so much for your assistance, Monica

  27. Thank you all for commenting! I am sorry I am so late in responding, but I had other things on my mind.

    I have had a wonderful time in Norway, I will definately be back there on holiday. And maybe even do another class :)

    Monica, I have added my email to my profile, so you can email me if you want to.

  28. Thanks for sharing your experience with us all. Lovely pictures you've taken off the looks to me like a perfect setting for the project that you taught. And it seems you were successful:

    Thumbs up for all your students, the results look very good!

  29. I love the result picture! so beautiful!

  30. Beautiful trip! I went in Norway last year and I like especially Stavanger. It's fabulous. Thank you to share the lovely results of your workshop.

  31. Hello Josje, I had a lovely time at the K festival, and our chat at the balcony was a true highlight :)
    Beautiful pictures in this post, but then again how could they not be :))...and Janne, such a gemstone!!
    I saw your cat Kensington...what a beauty :) and I loved the way you set him up in the garden pictures!
    Looking forward to meeting you again :)
    Minihug from synnøve

    1. Hello Synnøve, it was lovely meeting you in London. I really enjoyed our little chat! It would be very nice to see you again, perhaps at another show...

      On Monday I was sitting in the V&A café when a young woman with a baby sat down next to me. I thought she spoke French so I asked what the baby's name was in French. She answered me in English the baby's name was something which to my ear resembled Synnøve. I thought that was interesting so I asked her where the name came from. Turned out she was Norwegian. Now how I could have thought she spoke French (having spent the whole weekend with my Norwegian friends) I have no idea! ;-)))) But baby Synnøve was very sweet!