Floral inspiration

I love peonies. I know many of you do too. I grow several peony bushes in my garden and, although later than normal, they have all just co...

I love peonies. I know many of you do too. I grow several peony bushes in my garden and, although later than normal, they have all just come into flower this week. The past few days the weather has been lovely and sunny, but quite windy. One of the flowering stems blew over in the wind so I cut it and put it in a vase in my kitchen. The single stem has six flower buds on it!

I would love to spend some time copying these beauties in miniature, I like to have the real thing to look at when I am making miniature flowers. Unfortunately I don't have time now, so I took a few photos for future reference. Aren't they gorgeous?

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  1. That's my mum's favourite flower too :). She's been wanting a peony pattern to stitch :). She will absolutely envy you your peonies. They are lovely!

  2. Lovely and beautiful flower. Peonies are among my favourite. Have a nice day, Rosanna

  3. I love paeonies also, I have app.50 bushes in my garden, none of them yet flowering, but can't wait it :)

  4. lovely flowers and super photos of them ,thank you for sharing !I wish you much patience by making them in miniature,every leave have to be handcutted .A job for wintertime,lol:-)Hugs,Jeannette

  5. Prachtig interieur, prachtige bloemen en dan nog prachtige foto's....dank je wel
    groetjes Ingrid

  6. son preciosas es usted una gran jardinera tambien
    un abrazo

    They are precious it is you a great window box also
    An embrace

  7. Love peonies. They don't grow well where I live. Can't wait to see them in mini!

  8. Josje, bofferd!!
    Prachtige bloemen!

    Gisteren in de bloemwinkel zag ik een prachtige zacht oranje/wit pioenrozen. Per stuk kost € 5. Daag, dat koop ik hem niet. Na de zomer ga ik kijken in de tuincentrum wel.

    Al uitgerust van Noorwegen.

  9. Lovely peonies. I'll like to see in mini.

  10. So beautiful - I'd love to find out how to make some miniature ones....they are gorgeous!!

  11. Beautiful inspiration, really :-)

  12. Heel mooi zijn ze.
    Ik heb ook een pioenroos in mijn tuin maar een struik moet het nog worden(hoop ik). Er zitten dit jaar twee bloemen aan, vorig jaar maar een. Dus over heel wat jaartjes zal het hoop ik nog wat worden.
    Fijn weekend

  13. are beautiful! Your garden must be a wonder these days!
    I can not wait to see them in miniature, I am sure you will do better than the original ...

  14. Every time the peony flowers, I just want to sit down and copy them. This year I think they will have finished flowering before I'll have the time. These kind of peonies certainly will take a very long time to make as all the petals are frilled. Jeanette, I like to sit in the garden doing the cutting, but only if there is no wind ;)

    Sans, I think Kaffe Fassett has a beautiful peony pattern for stitching a pillow.

    Ira, anticipation makes them even more lovely when they do finally flower. Do you cut them to put them in vases indoors? I rarely do, I always love how they look in my garden and then feel guilty about cutting them. But if I had fifty bushes....

    Lisette, Da's wel heel duur ja. Misschien een heel bijzondere soort? Gisteravond zag ik bij Gardeners World (BBC) een stukje over een pioenen kwekerij in Engeland, zooooo veel verschillende soorten en kleuren! De man zei dat je pioenen in bloei kunt hebben (door verschillende soorten te planten dan he) van half april tot begin juli. Die van mij bloeien allemaal tegelijk, behalve de boompioen, die is veel eerder.

    Elis, I still have to figure that out myself too, but that's why I like to have the real ones close at hand ;)

    Maria, ja hoe ouder de struik, hoe meer bloemen er aankomen. Bij mij staan ze tussen de andere planten dus moeten een beetje vechten om te overleven, dat heeft ook wel effect op hoe goed ze bloeien. Maar ik vind ze wel erg mooi tussen andere beplanting.

    Caterina, my garden is a jungle at the moment! Everything has grown so big (much bigger than normal, I don't know why) I can hardly get through. It is a mass of flower and colour. Love it!
    Don't know about the miniatures turning out better than the original though! The real ones are so gorgeous!

  15. Very nice "petonias".. Monty-desconect@place

  16. Absolutely Gorgeous...!!
    Mini Hugs, Lisa x

  17. Another peonies here :-) They always looks so pretty.