Hello, my name is Josje.  In my workshop, located 35 miles above Amsterdam, the Netherlands,  I make 12th scale miniatures and build roomboxes and dolls houses.   

A Beautiful World is a weblog about the miniatures I make and collect.  

For many years I kept a weblog as an addition to my old website 'Josje's Dolls House' at 'www.josje.bouwt.com'. 
'Josje bouwt'  means 'Josje builds' in Dutch and this is where my Blogger name, my Instagram name and YouTube name come from. 
Unfortunately, after 15 years my website host and provider stopped its services and my website was taken offline in March 2019.  I did start building a new website (Josje's Miniatures) but with all the new privacy rules and constant updates I am finding it very difficult to keep it all updated.  I don't know yet if I will be keeping this website. 

Enter all of the social media.  I am not present on all platforms, but I regularly upload new content on:
YouTube:   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRXgjjohmln3ovdJNDWOMZw