A few weeks ago I was at a PTA meeting at my son's school when one of the parents gave me a little box. 'I heard you like dollshouses', she said, 'so I have made you something'. Needless to say I was very surprised, even more so when I heard she also has a dollshouse (and her house is only a few hundred feet away from mine...)

When I opened the box I found a few dozen beautifully made chocolate bonbons. Aren't they lovely? And perfect for a chocolate lover like me.
Eostre, goddess of spring and fertility, was worshipped during the time of the vernal (spring) equinox in pre-Christian Germany. Today we still see symbols of pagan beliefs associated with Easter as they became integrated in Christian religion. The symbol of Eostre was the rabbit and eggs were symbolic of new life and resurrection.

In my little scene I am using colour and flowers to signal the arrival of spring. I was given the chair a few years ago, I now repainted it a fresh green colour and made a seat and a cushion for it. I made a kitchen table to go with the chair.

The wooden fruit bowl is one I bought at the show in Arnhem last week. It is exactly like the one my parents have had ever since I was little.
And the adorable bunny...isn't it cute? Again bought at the show in Arnhem. It was made by Dolores van den Akker, a Dutch miniature artist. Dolores was followed by a camera team of the Dutch TV program 'Man bijt hond' (Man bites dog). The clip gives you an idea of what she makes and a glimpse of the Arnhem Dolls House Show. To watch the clip click here.