Hommage to Eostre

Eostre, goddess of spring and fertility, was worshipped during the time of the vernal (spring) equinox in pre-Christian Germany. Today we still see symbols of pagan beliefs associated with Easter as they became integrated in Christian religion. The symbol of Eostre was the rabbit and eggs were symbolic of new life and resurrection.

In my little scene I am using colour and flowers to signal the arrival of spring. I was given the chair a few years ago, I now repainted it a fresh green colour and made a seat and a cushion for it. I made a kitchen table to go with the chair.

The wooden fruit bowl is one I bought at the show in Arnhem last week. It is exactly like the one my parents have had ever since I was little.
And the adorable bunny...isn't it cute? Again bought at the show in Arnhem. It was made by Dolores van den Akker, a Dutch miniature artist. Dolores was followed by a camera team of the Dutch TV program 'Man bijt hond' (Man bites dog). The clip gives you an idea of what she makes and a glimpse of the Arnhem Dolls House Show. To watch the clip click here.


  1. beautifullllll!!!!
    Happy Easter to you and your family

  2. Good thing you Hae purchased at the show. I got feelings of spring.
    Happy Easter to you and your family !
    Regards Janne

  3. Lovely scene to celebrate the arrival of spring! Happy Easter Josje.

  4. Jaaa! echt een heel leuk filmpje! Ik vind het zo jammer dat ik niet naar Arnhem kon, wat een prachtige spullen heb je daar toch weer gevonden! Dat konijntje is echt heel mooi! Ik vind ook de stoel en tafel die je hebt gemaakt/geverfd superleuk! Echt frisse lente kleuren en dat kussen staat echt hip! :P

  5. That is a wonderful little vignette!
    Happy Easter Josje.

  6. Bright and beautiful Easter scene, I love it!

    Happy Easter


  7. Feliz Pascua!!!!
    Me encanta la escena y el conejito es una preciosidad.
    besitos ascension

  8. A very nice scene, really the rabbit is adorable.
    An embrace

    una escena muy bonita, realmente el conejo es adorable.
    un abrazo

  9. As a norse pagan I have to say that I love your little historic telling... I sense fertility and growthin your pretty spring setup. Thanks for sharing :0)

  10. You're scene does look very springy! :)

    The bunny is adorable, thanks for sharing that video clip. :)

  11. Leuk filmpje en je konijntje vind ik echt heel mooi, Dolores heeft hem heel mooi gemaakt.

    Groetjes Natascha

  12. Beautiful Easter scene!
    That little buuny is gorgeous.
    Happy Easter!

  13. Leuk die gele tafel en groene stoel. En wat een snoepig konijntje!

    Fijne Pasen,

  14. Happy Easter and beautiful pictures. You are right, the bunny is soooooooo cute ;)

  15. So wonderful pictures and miniatures! I just love your work, have a nice Easter and don't eat too much chocolate :)


  16. This scene looks just gorgeous! It looks real. Everything matches so beautifully, you've done such a great job!

  17. Josje, maybe you have read my comment on Lize's post :) asking her the significance of eggs in Easter :). Thank you for the explanation. I see you have no eggs in here but bananas :):). Love your scene , gorgeous like the best Spring morning :).

  18. Your little scene definitely says 'spring', the colours are lovely and it looks so realistic. Love the little bunny and the basket of spring flowers.

  19. Happy Easter to you all! Thank you for your comments.

    Ira, I think the beautiful eggs you sent me will have to wait until after Easter to be eaten. It would be a shame to break them. I have showed them to everyone who came by last week and they all loved them.

    Sans, I have not yet read Lize's post, I will in a minute. I know that in Christianity the eggs symbolize rebirth or resurrection, although this also finds its roots in pagan beliefs.
    No, no eggs in my scene, haha! I didn't want to do a traditional easter scene, but I did hint at them with the pattern on the cushion.

  20. I love your scene, the colours are perfect, I love the green chair. The rabbit is so cute and real you did very well to buy it.
    Happy Easter.

  21. Happy 11th Birthday to your son! And now the big question... When do you celebrate? Must be between March 22 and April 25!!!

    PS I like that the little bunny is hopping around a bit!

  22. I adore your Easter scene & the rabbit is beautiful, but I always admire your basket of daffodils...


  23. Thank you Geneviève, hope you had a nice Easter!

    Thank you Lize. You're right, it is between March 22 and April 25, lol! Yesterday I looked up when I would next celebrate my birthday on Easter. I still have a few years to go, as it will be in 2057...
    You know how it is with bunnies, they never sit still for very long.

    Thank you Linda. I've noticed I've been using the basket a lot in my photos lately, but I've been drawn to the colour yellow these past few months even though it is one of my least liked colours.

  24. What a beautiful scene!
    Thank you for sharing the clip with us. Dolores animals are really georgious!

  25. I was sure I saw the bunny move but then I realized you positioned him differently in both photos, lol. He is beautiful!! Lovely setting, flowers and bowl too.

  26. Amazing details, love the scene and miniatures!

  27. I´ve got an award for you to pic up on my blog!

  28. Karin, I was at the fair when they shot that clip, but I never saw the camera team!
    Jean, those bunnies never sit still for long you know, unless they find something to eat, lol!
    Thanks Debbie!
    Thank you so much for thinking of me Lena!


    If I am still around in 2057 , I'll think of you! -I promise! (Dates kind of get stuck in my head! NOT phone numbers though-they are totally forgettable!)

    (I think I worked it out correctly! If I didn't, have a great day anyhow!... or shall we begin with elimination...)

  30. Yes Lize you are correct, haha! Thank you for your birthday wish, how good of you to remember! It promises to be a sunny day, a little chilly perhaps, but good enough to spend some time out in the garden eating birthday cake.

    I wish you a lovely day too!

  31. rabbit is too cute!!! the fur is so real and everything~~


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