Sweet surprise

A few weeks ago I was at a PTA meeting at my son's school when one of the parents gave me a little box. 'I heard you like dollsh...

A few weeks ago I was at a PTA meeting at my son's school when one of the parents gave me a little box. 'I heard you like dollshouses', she said, 'so I have made you something'. Needless to say I was very surprised, even more so when I heard she also has a dollshouse (and her house is only a few hundred feet away from mine...)

When I opened the box I found a few dozen beautifully made chocolate bonbons. Aren't they lovely? And perfect for a chocolate lover like me.

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  1. What a delicious gift! Ehh ... which one to try at first!! Have a nice day!

  2. Josje, they look very good, very gnam gnam...
    Have a nice day :-)

  3. The unexpected gifts are always the nicest.

  4. Es un detalle muy bonito y original.

  5. Firs I must compliment you for the unusual but OHHH' so exceptional lovely easter post!!!! I LOVE IT.... everything is so exquisit!!!!
    And this new picture from this post : the light of the pictures, the furniture, the interior... and of course those devine little treats.. wow!!!
    Thank you for always sharing such high quality miniature scenes!!!!
    Synnøve :)

  6. Me parece magnifica la mesa y la copa , es muy bello todo lo que hace.
    Muchas gracias por enseñarnoslo

  7. Detalle Que!!, Fantásticos DISFRUTA de ELLOS Por Que hijo, ademas de la buena compañia!

  8. Wat mooi gemaakt die bonbons en wat een lief cadeau, leuk dat er een medehobbyist bij je in de buurt woont!
    Maar de schaal waar de bonbons in liggen is ook geweldig mooi, heb je die soms ook zelf gemaakt?

  9. I'd love to have a neighbourg found of miniatures near home... lucky you! In my country we are just a few, but trying to spread the "miniature virus".
    Congrats for those lovely chocolates!

  10. How lucky you are, they're wonderful. And your photographs are superb Josje :)

  11. Perfect display Josje! Delicious chocolates and I love the burr/burled walnut? table. It is a stunning piece. Your curtains and the celadon vase are very handsome too.

    Not to mention that gorgeous bowl you made a while ago with Jens Thorpe!

  12. What a wonderful gift!! Love your picture

  13. I took the liberty of listing your blog in my blog list. I hope that this shall not inconvenient you in any way! All the best!

  14. Enhorabuena, es un precioso regalo!!
    Los bombones estan genial
    besitos ascension

  15. How wonderful to have found a new mini friend so close to home like that.

    The chocolates are great and I LOVE the bowl they are in.

  16. What a beautiful gift, they look so real. Now you will have a new friend to share miniatures topics.

  17. A very delicious unexpected gift.


  18. is true, the desserts are very realistic and make me want to take a bite of taste ... but the cup is gorgeous, and that you made you!!
    But that luck to have a neighbor who shares your passion ... I envy you in a good way, so I'm far from you all illuminators :((

  19. Hoi Josje
    ja mooi al dat lekkers, maar het kastje waar je bocaal op staat is ook niet mis,helemaal geweldig.
    groetjes adrie

  20. Yes that was such a fun surprise! She joined the PTA over a year ago when she moved to our village, but we never talked about hobbies etc., just about things concerning the school.

    Jody, de schaal heb ik tijdens een workshop van Jens Torp gemaakt, mooi hè?

    Lize, the table is a chess table made by Chris Malcolmson. I bought it last year. Isn't it beautiful? I love the burr walnut with the marquetry inlay.

    Adrie, ja prachtig hè? Het is een schaaktafeltje gemaakt door Chris Malsomson. Ik zag het vorig jaar op de beurs en wist meteen dat ik die wilde hebben. Met dank aan jou en je klasgenoten, hahaha! Leuke foto trouwens op je profiel ;))))))