On Sunday I was given a beautiful bunch of deep pink peonies, gorgeous!  Over the course of these past five days I have seen them open up and change from a deep dark pink to salmon and now a fading pink to soft yellow.  I don't think they will last much longer, but what a wonderful show they have given me!

A few years ago I copied one of the flowering peonies in my garden in miniature.  This peony is a single flowering variety in a bright pink colour with a soft yellow center, really striking!

The miniature peony is part of a little miniature display I keep in my utility room.  But with its east and south facing windows, the little peony has faded badly over the years.   I'm not at all happy about it, but I didn't exactly want to throw it out either.

This morning at breakfast I was looking at my fading full sized peonies and I realized the colour of my miniature peonies was now similar to the colour of the real ones.   What has taken only five days in real life has taken a few years in miniature.  Maybe I'll hang on to them a little while longer after all ;-)

                                           photo by José Alesón via guardian.co.uk

This morning I found a dolls house link which was shared on the Petit Pointers group I am a member of (thank you Cheryl!).   It is a wonderful article in the Guardian about dolls houses.    I enjoyed reading it and I thought you might as well:      Dolls' houses: it's a small world.

Make sure to read  the 'More on this story' section as it has more photos, and the comments also, as some of them are quite funny!

Edit February 2017:  Now we can enjoy much more of this beautiful dollshouse as Susana left a comment with the link to José Alesón's dollshouse "Victoriana":  alesonminiatures.jimdo.com
Thank you Susana!