....keeps me away from what I should be doing!   

This past week I have been busy figuring out the workings of our new computer.   It is quite a change but I must say I really like it so far.   Installing, uploading and downloading, everything is just so easy!

The thing I was dreading most was having to go without my old photo editing program.  I could ' read and write'  with it as we say in Dutch.   After two days of playing with the editing options for our new computer, I found a free app which is very similar to my old editing program, hurray!

Of course I managed to lose my photos several times before I figured out how to save them correctly and in a way so they can be uploaded to blogger.   Below are a few photos I worked on this week and managed to save correctly ;-)

While the glue is drying on the wall panels I repaired, it is time for a tea break!

The beautiful tortoiseshell tea caddy was made by Keith Bougourd of Small-Time.

In my old files I found a wonderful  photo of an Aubusson carpet which looked like it would be perfect for the blue room.  I have been playing with it in my editing program to get a better definition and colour, and I tried to come up with a way to print an A3 size on my own printer.  

The trial print I did on fabric turned out pretty good, even though it is only an A4 size and not the A3 I want eventually.  The small size did look rather nice in my other dolls house though!

While I was changing things around I also put the armchair I had made for my Christmas House into this room.  I quite like it here so I think I will let it stay.

While I was getting to know my new computer,  I discovered that my main website:   http://josje.bouwt.com/
looks totally different on a Mac than in Windows.   I never knew that!  I have tried to update all pages so that Mac users can also see a presentable website.   I hope you like it!

                                                         ...We all go a little mad sometimes.

Before you all think I have gone a bit psycho,  don't worry,  I don't hate my dolls house. I still like it but I made a little teensy tiny mistake while building the shell of this room. I copied the location of the windows from the yellow reception room which is in the middle of the building.

Inside the blue room the location of the windows is fine, but as this room is at the front of the building, the windows have to be in an exact position to ensure symmetry on the front gable. One of the windows was a centimetre too far to the middle and so I had to take out the window.

Looks pretty don't you think?  Alas, everything had to come off.  As I didn't have any of the painted wallpaper left (it is wallpaper by Susan Bembridge  which I painted darker with a colour I mixed myself), I had to rescue the paper which was on the walls. 

I tried several methods to get the wallpaper panels off the wall, but I had been very thorough when sticking it on and I couldn't get it off.  That's when I thought of my carving knife.  Wonderfully sharp, it worked a treat!

I then used my fretsaw to cut the window loose from the wall.  Nothing too difficult, just a matter of cutting straight around the window.

Oh no, what have I done?!   It looks awful, but it had to be done.

After cutting another strip out of the wall,  I could put the window back in, in the right position this time.  I must have checked the drawings and measured it ten times to be sure I was correct this time.  I certainly don't want to be having to change all of the windows again in a few years time when I am ready to finish the outside of the gable!

I filled in the gap on one side with what I cut off on the other.  A perfect fit, thankfully.  But what a mess! The strips of wallpaper I removed are not wide enough to cover the new space between the windows.  I'll have to come up with a solution for that soon.
I also removed the centre part of the panelling and made an insert for that but I'm not sure I like it.  I will probably end up making a new bit of panelling.

Oh dear, how will it end? I am sorry to leave you in such suspense ;-)

                                  ...definitely not!

Hello again! 
After an absence of more than a month in which I had a lovely vacation and didn't do much miniature work,  regular life started again this week.   On Thursday I thought I would make a little tutorial on how I do the gilding on my miniatures as this was something I had promised to explain to one of our fellow bloggers. 
I thought making a video would be the best option, so it would be as if you were taking a class and you could all see what I do .  Quick and easy.  Or so I thought.   Oh the filming was easy enough, but then the process of trying the get the video from the camera onto my computer....

It took me 2 and a half days (yes, really!)  and all of my wit and ingenuity to get it downloaded onto my computer, edited and then uploaded onto YouTube.  It was driving me up the walls!  And yes, I read the camcorder's instruction manual, installed their software and googled every imaginable option.  It just didn't do what it said it should do.   Grrr,  so annoying!  Next time I will just use my digital camera's video function.  It may be of lesser quality but I have it downloaded (in the right format!) in a few minutes. 

Gilding miniatures with gold leaf (part one)

In this video I show and talk about some of the miniatures I have gilded and about the materials I use for gilding dolls house miniatures. 

Gilding miniatures with gold leaf (part two)

In this video I show you how I do the actual gilding of my miniatures.  The process is really very simple but the results are great!

The videos are much longer than I anticipated, so if you have a spare half hour, get yourself some tea or coffee, sit back and watch.  I hope it is of some use to you!  Obviously... ;-)))