A little black AGA...

...every kitchen should have one.

I know, I am getting ahead of myself!  But when I was doing some research for the kitchen of my new Canal House I saw  this 4-oven AGA kit from Gable End Designs and I just could not help myself, I had to get it.  I love AGA cookers,  I already have a small 2-oven AGA in my first Canal House and a full sized 4-oven one in my real kitchen.

Gable End Designs sells the modern Aga's and the 1935 model in kits and ready made.  I wanted the 1935 model, but I wanted it black (even though black is not original to that model) so I ordered the kit.  I spent two days painting and doing little touch ups, but I love how it turned out:    

 This is the kit as it comes in the mail:  the cooker and top, two oven inserts, two chrome lids and four oven doors.   It comes complete with a description of how to paint the kit, which paints to use (brands, colours etc.) and how to put it together. 

 All the large parts are sprayed with car paint.  The details are added by using Humbrol paints.   I didn't have all of the colours suggested in the description, so I mixed some of my own colours, using my real AGA as a guide. 

 Some of the AGA kit parts drying on the full sized AGA lid.  I use my real AGA a lot for drying paint, it is so quick!  I was in the middle of cooking dinner when I took this photo, the hotplate on the left is in use giving off even more heat to dry the paint.

 All of the parts painted and ready for assembly.  I did have to adjust the oven doors a bit as the paint on the inside of the doors was a bit too thick to let the doors close fully.  A little sanding and filing soon fixed that though.  I painted the insides of the ovens a dull silver and dirtied the edges a bit, as the real ovens are like that as well. 

 After putting it together I added on a few extra details.  I converted the AGA to a gas fired range with the gas pipes to the right.  On the left I added a water supply so it can be used for hot water as well.  And, to comply with Dutch regulations,  I also added a flue pipe to it  ;-)

So here it is, ready for action.  I may still add some 'dirt' to the hot plate lids and oven doors to make it even more realistic, but for now it is finished!


  1. I love the addition of the pipes and flue! I love Agas. I have one in my dollhouse. You're so lucky to have a real one, too!

    The black looks fabulous.


  2. Welldone! Your Aga looks great and very realistic with all the additions and connections.

  3. It really is beautiful! Great work!

  4. Hi Claudia, yes I know I am lucky to have one. It is in constant use not just for cooking, I would not want to be without it. These miniature ones are great as well!

    Dank je Lara!

    Thank you Drora! An apropriate comment for a cooker 'Well done' ;-)

  5. Love both the Aga's!!!!! They are not very practical in SA with only 3 cold months, but I would have loved to own one, they just fit so nicely into any style of kitchen.

  6. I agree Elga, they fit any style of kitchen. And yes, in your climate it would not be very practical. When it gets to about 26/ 27 degrees C for a week or more here in Holland (which doesn't happen very often) I sometimes turn it off and just use the BBQ to cook on. But boy I sure miss having it then! Only then I realize how much I use those ovens.

  7. I lov the mini but I have never seen a real Aga, I don't even know how it works. I only know that they are beautiful.
    Will you be in Arnhem on March ? I'll be there with friends, shall we meet ?
    I wis you a lovely day, Rosanna

  8. Wow ....the AGA is wonderful.It remembers me at my parents home. But I wouldn't change my Boretti wit an AGA. It's a lot of work to keep it going on....;-)
    But it looks wonderful maybe I want one in my Victorian Doll house. I made another cooker but the doors can't open...:-(

  9. Awesome! I love the piece itself, but you know I think the added pipes are the best! I love those tiny realistic details. Always good to be in compliance. :D

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  11. I had no idea those were offered in kit form. You did a great job painting it, especially all the lettering and lines on the front. The pipes are a wonderful addition.
    I always think a kit will be a quick project but it never is. I also use Humbrol, mostly the oil paints. They take forever to dry but I love the finished result.
    I am afraid didn't get the email you said you sent me :-(

  12. Rosanna, how wonderful! Yes I'll be coming to Arnhem as well and would love to meet up with you!
    The AGA works on the principle of heat retention. The cast iron beast takes a few hours to heat up and is kept warm always using little fuel once it is hot. It has two cooking plates on top and either 2 or 4 ovens which all have different temperatures. It is ready for use all the time. In warm countries it is not very practical as it radiates heat day and night. In my house it is a lovely warm heart of the kitchen :-)

    Dorien, how funny, when I was thinking of buying the AGA, I also had my eyes on a Boretti stove. But the AGA won and I wouldn't be without it now! With these modern gas fired ones you don't have to lift a finger to keep it going ;-)

  13. Thank you Marie-Laure and Brae!

    Catherine, I didn't know they had these in kits until two weeks ago. I think the detail is quite good!
    I just checked my email to you and...well I mistakenly sent it to Linda :-0 I wonder what Linda thought about me giving her information she didn't ask for, haha! I will send it to you in a minute. Promise!

  14. Beautiful work! amazing to see it before and after.

  15. Wat is de Aga mooi geworden zeg, als ik er ruimte voor had zou ik hem ook 1:1 willen hebben.

  16. Now, that's a fantastic oven! Great job! Love it! I'm thinking I might have to check into this little gem.
    Thanks for sharing all your ideas...such inspiration.
    Have a fun day playing.

  17. I love your personal touch of the added pipes!

  18. Hoi Josje,

    Wat een prachtige AGA, je hebt hem ook schitterend beschilderd! Ik zie iets van leidingen ofzo op de laatste 2 foto's, horen die erbij of heb je die zelf gemaakt/gekocht?

    Groetjes Nancy

  19. Heel mooi geworden,de details en pijpen maken het helemaal af. Leuk ook die foto op je echte Aga.

  20. It is a beauty, Josje !! The mini one... I do suppose you did not build the RL one yourself :-).
    Emm, are you going to visit the Rheda fair???

  21. Very nice. All the details make a huge difference.

  22. Hi Josje,

    I love the AGA oven, I have one also that is very similar to the one in your canal house. I am almost finished my Kitchen so I will be revealing next week when the kids are off on camp........anyway I do love yours and the fact that it comes in a kit form is great. It leaves more options for colour choice I suppose. The black looks great. can't wait to see it in place.

    Fi xx

  23. Super job!!! So realistic and I love all the connections.

  24. Thank you all!

    Nancy, de leidingen horen er niet bij, die heb ik ooit gekocht op de beurs in Arnhem bij Louise Meertens, Uncia Miniaturen. Volgens mij komen de leidingen ook uit Engeland.

    Elly, gosh no I did not build the RL one myself. Two strong men did that for me :-)
    The fair in Rheda, I have never been but would like to go perhaps. Why, do you need a ride???? ;-)))))

    Fiona, I have a small metal one in my first dollshouse. Also very nice and detailed but it is painted a matt cream. I have often thought of respraying it with a gloss paint. I've also thought of getting one of these small kits and spray it a lovely pastel colour or so and use it in a small vignette. The real AGA's come in such pretty colours now!
    I look forward to seeing your AGA this week!

  25. Hi Josje! Your AGA is Gorgeous! I LOVE the added gas pipes and fittings! I too, had an AGA in Real Life for many years... it was actually my Mother-in-law's 1939 model... coal burning and SOOO Cozy! I Loved it! But it was old and the cast iron became cracked and we had to retire it and could not afford a new one... :(
    So I understand how much you love yours! They are so comforting to sit next to... Ours was the cream color.. I have not seen black ones.... but most of the old cast iron stoves over here are black.
    You have worked wonders with your kit!

  26. Josje, nope , car should do fine, but I will email you at your bog email-addy!

  27. What a great kit and made all the better with the additions of the tap and pipework - I love it!

  28. This is fantastic! I'd never have believed such a beautiful thing could come from such a plain looking kit, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes! I love all the little extras you've added!

  29. Hello josje,
    What a beautiful piece! You did a fantastic job on the kit. It really looks like the real thing.
    Absolutely beautiful. You do raise the bar very high!
    Have a wonderful weekend and keep up the great work,

  30. C'est juste incroyable!! Félicitations pour ce travail magnifique! J'aime vraiment beaucoup.

  31. I only remember the AGA on wood....and when we needed a new one I only thought about Boretti. I didn't know that AGA still made cookers.

  32. I just finished reading and translating each of your blog posts. It 's been an exciting and instructive. Thanks for the links. Too bad you're too far away, I would like to participate in your workshop ....

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