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My friend and I went to Arnhem last Thursday. We took a class with Ann High on Friday, carving a relief design for a 14th century chest. It was a wonderful class and I have learned a lot, even though I did not finish the chest.
I planned to take pictures during the class but forgot all about it. However, you can read a short report on the class by my classmate Marion on her blog 'Marion's Miniatures'. In case you are wondering which one is me in Marion's photos, I am the one sitting opposite Marion, in the grey T-shirt (second photo).

On Saturday my friend and I went to the Arnhem Dolls House Show. As usual we didn't have enough time to see the whole show and missed many stands. But it was a wonderful show again and we both bought some great miniatures. This time I only bought a few small items, but I still managed to be out of money before the end of the day.

I quickly snapped a few photos of some of my purchases:

Some china by Stokesay Ware for my new dining room. I still need the flatware and cutlery as you can see ;) Also yummy sandwiches, some apple slices and an Easter bunny by Georgia Marfels. In the background you can just about make out the wallpaper I bought for the new dining room.

The china again, this time an accidental artist's impression. I hit a wrong button in my photo editing program and this image came out. I rather liked it.

This wonderful group of cherubs was made by a Spanish artist, Victoria Heredia Guerbós. Isn't it amazing? Just look at all the detail!

With my hand close to the cherubs you can get a better idea of the minute detail Victoria managed to get into this piece. Look at the little bellies on them, so precious.



  2. Wat een leuk servies Josje. De tweede foto lijkt wel geschilderd. Het stukje appel is doorschijnend. Heel byzonder.
    En de engeltjes, ja wat moet je daar nou van zeggen....perfect.
    Het houtsnijden lijkt me geweldig om te doen. Ik zou 't willen proberen. Op je vraag wie het naaitafeltje heeft gemaakt, 'k heb 't gekocht bij Reina Mab uit Buenos Aires, wie het gemaakt heeft, zou ik niet weten.

    groet Heleni

  3. Hi Josje,
    You've got some nice miniatures again. And I'm also looking forward to the result of your workshop. I got the same cup&saucers yesterday and some other items for my birhtday.
    I completely missed the stand with the cerubs...which was a pitty...I just did'nt have enough time to see everything in the church.

  4. Wat heb je een prachtige dingen gekocht Josje. Ben benieuwd naar je werkstukje.

  5. Heleni, ja ik dacht wel de hand van Reina Mab te herkennen. Ik heb begrepen dat zij een familie zijn die allemaal een andere discipline beheersen bij het maken van hun miniaturen. Ik heb hun stand gemist deze keer.

    Jeffry, Similar tastes, haha! I also missed half of the show. Annette and I had also missed the cherubs, but luckily Rika stopped to chat with us and said we just had to go and look at Victoria's stand. She had many more lovely items, but I had no more money left. Oh well, it is good to have a limit and be forced to make choices ;) Annette had to lend me some money in the end as I had forgotten about a few glasses I had to pick up at Gerd Felka's. Oops! Good to have such a lovely friend!

  6. Chris, Ik maak het eerst even af (nou ja, even...) en dan laat ik het zien!

  7. Wonderful miniatures!!
    The cherubs are amazing!!!

  8. I feel a little envy, I'm honest, but I can not but be happy for you!
    beautiful shop! china service is wonderful, I wonder what it cost!
    I love the group of angels, so cute, lovely!
    I really like the blurry photo, looks like a painting on canvas! sometimes, not always errors, are wrong! :)))
    Have a good day, and lots of fun with your new toys!
    kisses, Caterina

  9. Beautiful purchases again Josje, esp the cherubs, but also the porcelain. I love Stokesay ware big time.

  10. Prachtige aankopen Josje! Vooral de engeltjes zijn erg bijzonder, wat een kunstwerkje :)

    Liefs, Jollie

  11. He ja ik zie het, we hebben hetzelfde paashaasje! Leuk istie he? :D
    Het serviesje is echt prachtig, hoe het de zon weerkaatst... zo mooi en fijntjes.

    En de engeltjes, tja daar ben ik een beetje sprakeloos over! Zo klein en zo perfect!

  12. Josje, I love your china that you bought and those cherubs are so gorgeous!!! So much detail on such a tiny object! Are they made of clay or porcelain??? Just stunning!

  13. Pude ver en la feria de Madrid trabajos de Victoria y me quede enamorada de unas cupulas de cristal con flores de porcelana dentro, tambien vi los angeles sujetando una fuente de cristal....el tamaño es diminuto...precioso, felicidades es una delicia.

  14. Those cherubs are AMAZING! I love the chocolate easter bunny.

    And your mistake picture is very inspirational. I think I have to start playing around with my editing program!

  15. Wowwwww!! The cherubs are great!!!

  16. Prachtige aankopen weer!
    Vooral de engeltjes zijn prachtig, echt een aanwinst.
    Groetjes Sylvia

  17. Schijnbaar toch kramen gemist, of dingen gewoon niet gezien....Want ik was wel in Arnhem maar de engeltjes kan ik me niet herinneren.... echt schitterend en je hebt gelijk die buikjes echt prachtig. Ben erg benieuwd naar je houtsnijwerk.
    Groetjes Aurora

  18. You may have noticed... I LOVE Stokesay Ware china. This is a gorgeous pattern. I am sure it will be perfect for your new house.

    The cherubs are BEAUTIFUL! you always choose such beautiful things to buy.

    I am very happy for you!!!

  19. Josje, dank voor je leuke reactie en ik ben het helemaal met je eens wb zelf zoveel mogelijk maken. I'm a selfmade woman, zullen we maar zeggen.
    Ik vind 't ook leuk dat je meedoet met mijn giveaway.

    groet Heleni

  20. Great finds! Really a joy to watch, thank you. I missed this year unfortunately but thanks to your posting and the link to your friends blog we can all still enjoy !!

    Tell me Josje, what are the cherubs carved of? The detail is amazing indeed! And since I get the feeling I'm a carver myself I'm so curious to what it is...

  21. @Patty and Deborah, As my Spanish is not very good, and Victoria's English skills are nearly non-existent ;) I think what she said was that it is made from clay. Something to do with all the detailing I believe. It looks like white matte porcelain though, don't you think?

  22. Lovely things you have bought. Cherubs are absolutely stunning!!

  23. What amazing effort and skill went into making this wee band of cherubs ... I was puzzling over what they could possibly be made of as well, then read what you'd written about the material. Why, even precious golden wings and sashes, and a lovely gallery rail as well. You're eye for choosing the finest is impeccable, and Victoria's eye for detail is 'heavenly' ... !

  24. I wish my computer had that "accident" button! That is a fabulous conversion--holy cow!


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