Now you see it, now you don't...

...and how things don't always work the way you'd like them to.

The daily morning weighing session. He is growing steadily!

What?!! A cutting board in the shape of a rabbit? What are these people like? I'm outta here!!

An update on the little hare we were raising: it is running around in the fields somewhere! Two weeks ago when he was outside in the rabbit run, our darling sheep managed to open up de side door of the run by laying against it. After seeing the cutting board I think our little hare decided it was time to go ;)

A few photos from my files: cabinet on the second floor landing (made by Erna who, a few years ago, gave all of her miniatures to me to make room for a new hobby).

I received a few comments about the photos on my blog going missing. I know, I am sorry! In one of my previous posts I mentioned I was getting a warning from Photobucket that I was approaching my limit of 10 GB of free monthly bandwidth. I think I know the cause of it now (see my post here) and my photos should be back July 2nd. Until then, my apologies for the interruption!

For some reason I am either not getting email notifications of comments left on my blog, or getting them two or three days later than I should. Anyone else having this problem? I don't know whether it is a blogger thing or whether my email program is having problems.

My list of followers is still back, most of the time anyway. Sometimes I can see it, sometimes I can't, but at least that is a huge improvement over not being able to see it at all.


  1. The linen cabinet is a lovely piece and how nice to get a peek inside too.

    I've lost all my followers as well but I haven't dared fiddle with the system to try and get them back yet!

  2. Josje, ik heb hetzelfde probleem met de volgers. Dan zijn ze weg en dan zijn ze er weer. Onbegrijpelijk.
    Af en toe heb ik ook het idee dat er niet of nauwelijks wordt gekeken of gereageerd. Ik denk al gauw dat mensen geen interesse meer hebben. Allerlei adviezen opgevolgd en het lijkt beter te gaan.
    Ach, begrijpelijk dat 't haasje van je er als een haas vandoor wil bij het zien van de snijplank.
    En dan je kast, ben ik helemaal weg van. Ook van de inhoud...

    groet Heleni

  3. ..hij koos het hazenpad.. schattige foto`s van een "wilde" hazen kleuter/puber!! Heel mooie kast ook.
    Omdat ik ook steeds mijn volgers kwijt was, ben ik veranderd van browser: van internet explorer naar mozilla firefox, dat heeft het probleem voor mij opgelost.
    groetjes van Margot

  4. I miss your little hare--so sweet! But maybe it was easier to let him go this way. I would have had a very difficult time letting him go on my own. I love your photos--so realistic and lovely! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Jojse,

    I cannot see most of your older photos on this page and 2 pages back. They have been replaced with a PHOTOBUCKET logo.

    Lovely new pictures!!!!!!!

  6. Hahaha, Josje, wouldn't you get the heck out of there seeing the cuttingboard? He is a smart one!

    Love the beautiful linen chest with its linen inside.I am very lazy in these things. Maybe later, when I am a grown-up....

    My list of followers sometimes(but only sometimes) also disappears, too, but if I just sit down and wait, the whole caboodle will be back in force. Of course, nobody has got time to see them all, but seeing blogs is something fun to do when one does wants to have a really lazy hour/night

  7. Hi Josje, today I can see your lovely pictures and what a beautiful cupboard :).

    I don't have problems with the comment notifications .

  8. I love that cabinets; good luck with the blogger issues.

  9. cutie!!! and love the minis~adorable!

  10. So wonderful! I love the little linen cupboard with the tiny tassle on the key!

  11. I too have sporadic problems viewing my followers. This linen cupboard is a beyond wonderful, beautiful, envy making piece ... love the effect of the two contrasting woods, and the bright, single touch of red that makes it all come together so charmingly.


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