The sheep has come home

I'm sorry I made you all wait...These are some of the miniatures I bought at the Arnhem Show. I really love them!

The pull along sheep is by a new artist called Linda Watson (from England). Isn't it precious? I love sheep, I have a couple of real ones myself. This one just be-e-e-e-gged me to take it home with me.

The gorgeous wooden chest and cabinet are by Anne High (again from England). They are so beautifully made, and the carving...oh! She also had a larger chest which I adored but was too big for me, I don't know where I could put that. The small cupboard is really 24th scale, but I could see it hanging on the wall in my kitchen!

The ivory bowl on stand and candle stick are by Vonas miniatures (from Holland). Their miniature turnings are so beautiful and fine. The photograph doesn't do it justice. The ivory of course is legally sourced from old ivory.


  1. Josje, what a wonderful purchase. I almost can hear the be e-e-e- here.

    Greetings, Roelie

  2. So many beautiful things you find at the show.
    Happy Easter to you and your family!
    Regards, Janne

  3. son una velleza la oveja es toda una obra de arte. Saves que el arcon es muy español con esas tallas geniales.
    un abrazo

    They are a velleza the sheep is the whole work of art. Saves that the arcon is very Spanish with these brilliant heights.
    An embrace

  4. Nice finds you are sure to get a lifetime of enjoyment from them. I will have to go and find Anne High's table when I got to the Chicago show in a couple of weeks. They won't be in my budget to purchase but I can dream about making some for the houses I build.

    USA shows will never come close to matching the settings of the lovely church Arnhem was held in. Do they hold the show their every year?

  5. You bought 4 lovely pieces. It is hard to see that they are miniatures because of the minute details. I also admired the seagrass/coir mat they are standing on. Was this one of your purchases too or from another source?

  6. You bought very beautiful miniatures. The chest with the carving is wonderful, i like the ivory bowl the most very very fine made.

    Greetings Natascha

  7. Beautiful items!!! I especially love the ivory bowl and candlestick from Vonas. I had a stand with my magazines in the Arnhem show in 2008, I talked to a lot of nice people and purchased a beautiful rosewood turned tobacco urn from them. I would love to come back to the Arnhem show, hopefully next year!
    Happy easter!
    Synnøve :)

  8. Roelie, zolang ze je maar niet wakker houdt ;)

    Thanks Janne, happy Easter to you too!

    Contar, I'm not entirely sure what you said, but I think you're referring to the beautiful Spanish carved chests. They are so beautiful and would be beuatiful in miniature too!

    Karin, Chicago is on my day...Yes, visit Ann High's table, I think you'll like it. And making something like that yourself would be something I could see you do (and enjoy doing).
    This spring was the first time the Arnhem Show was held in the church. From now on each spring show will be in the church with higher end miniatures, and the autumn show will be in the old location, a huge hall.

    Lize, well spotted :) I bought the seagrass/coir mat a few years ago from Dutch miniaturist Mary van der Stel ( Embroideries, 2nd page, the Cocoslook ones.)She weaves them herself.

    Thank you Rosanna. How is the embroidery for SIMP going?

  9. Thank you Natascha. The ivory bowl is very pretty and finely made. I had to choose between many different ones, but I really like this one with its flower or lotus -like shape and petals.

    Synnøve, oh yes, their tobacco urns are beautiful! I do remembering talking to someone at the magazine stand, it may have been you! If you come to the show another time, let me know will you? I'd love to meet you.
    Happy Easter to you too!

  10. Everything is wonderful, but I am especially in love with the sheep! So sweet.


  11. Prachtige aankopen! Ben benieuwd waar je ze een plekje gaat geven. Mooie foto ook!

    groetjes Evelien

  12. What youo bought is beautiful, I love the sheep. The festival was held in a beautiful place.

  13. What a collection of lovely pieces that you bought Joshe, they are all precious, congratulations,

  14. Oh boy, what a treasures you have gotten for yourself! I especially love the turned ivory urn, but I would be afraid to toucht it as I would be scared to break it, it looks so delicate :)

    And the sheep is so cute, enjoy your new things :)


  15. Such lovely things! I hope that in a future post, you will show some pictures of the special settings that they will end up in.

  16. Josje,

    How wonderful! I bet you can't stop staring at them. I love everything you bought. Congratulations on all your lovely new miniatures. :-)

  17. The ivory is incredible.

    Sounds like you had a good time. :)

  18. You picked some nice pieces. I really like the chest and the ivory.

  19. La verdad es que Hizo muy buenas compras, la oveja, es preciosa.

  20. What wonderful miniatures you bought! I love Anne High`s funitures and the ivory bowl is such fantastic! But my favorit is the sheep, it is beautiful!!

  21. Prachtige aankopen Josje!

    Ik hoop morgen het één en ander af te maken voor je en je het volgende week toe te sturen!


  22. I love Ann High's work, too! I dream of being able to do a workshop with her, someday ... :) Beautiful pieces, and I adore the sheep :)


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