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This past week I needed a specific fabric design which I couldn't find in the shops, so I made a design on my computer and printed the fabric using my own printer. As I was busy getting my fabrics ready I realised not all of you may know how to do this. I decided to get my camera and film what I was doing.

I hadn't realised there was a time limit on YouTube (I have never uploaded any video's before), so I've had to cut the video in half. Part one shows you how to get the fabric ready for printing on, part two shows you the printing process. I hope you find them useful!


  1. Josje, thank you so much for this tutorial!! I really wanted to print a certain pip-studio design on fabric, but I didn't have the courage to put paper and fabric into my printer :P
    I've read about this, but it just wasn't clear enough to me how it would work.. but with your tutorial: seeing is believing! I'm so going to try this!! So thank you VERY very much Josje!! :D


  2. Excellent tutorial. Thank you so much for that. I've been thinking about doing this for some time but have never quite plucked up the courage to do so. Now I have no excuse! Your instructions are very clear and I'm going to have a shot at this. I take it from what you say that the fabric doesn't need any sort of fixative to seal the ink? Irene

  3. Hallo Josje,
    das ist sehr interessant, ich danke Ihnen, dies zu tun.
    Ich bin Anfänger am PC, aber vielleicht manchmal werde ich auch dazu.
    Viele Grüße aus

  4. Thank you Josje ! I heard of freeze paper and butcher paper and all sort of things which I cannot find here but this is ...easy! at least you make it look easy. Thank you very very much! Rosanna

  5. Josje this has bene incredibly helpful thankyou so much! I am so eager to have a try, cant wait to print out some material for my Snow White quilts! I love your tile tutorial, how about a You tube version with pictures to see exactly how you made them, that would be so fabulous .pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!Kate xxx

  6. Anneke, that's just what I thought, if you haven't actually seen it, it may be a bit scary to go ahead with this. I must admit that the first time I ever tried this I had a fairly old printer, so I wasn't too worried about ruining the printer then. But it worked just fine.

    Irene, I'm glad you're finding this helpful. Just as with printing on paper you don't have to use a fixative, but in order to protect it from fading I use a good quality archival varnish with UV protection.

    Danke Nina, ich habe das gern gemacht!

  7. Your welcome Rosanna. And yes, it really is easy! You can use freezer paper as well, but like you said, it's not available here. I brought some back from the US, but I find just using some spray mount is much easier and quicker.

    Kate, I'm glad you'll have a go. It does give you endless possibilities, just as long as you don't get it wet. Your suggestion for doing a video of the tile tutorial is a very good one! I can't promise I'll do it soon, but I will do it!

  8. Thank you for posting this! I have used Printed Treasures, inkjet printer fabric but will have to try this method!


  9. That is an excellent tutorial!
    I am really keen in trying now...
    Thanks for sharing!

    Mini hugs

  10. Super Josje, erg bedankt! Ik wilde het gaan proberen aan de hand van een geschreven uitleg, maar nu ik je filmpje gezien heb durf ik het helemaal aan!

    (wat is je engels trouwens mooi!)

    groetjes Evelien

  11. Hi Josje,
    very interesting tutorial!
    I would like to try to print carpets and some kitchen accessories in country style.

  12. This is very helpful - thanks!! I bought some printable "fabric" from office supply store but it is very stiff and not like fabric at all. Now I know how to do it myself.

  13. Hallo Josje,

    Wat geweldig om je eigen stof te printen. Ik heb niet helemaal begrepen wat voor soort spray je nu gebruikt kun je mij dat vertellen.
    En de print heb je die zelf gemaakt of van bestaand behang/papier gebruikt? en ingescand?

    Fijn dat je dit deelt met alle mini liefhebbers.

    Groeten Natascha

  14. Josje, thank you so much for taking the time to make the videos! Much appreciated. I loved hearing your voice, such a sweet voice. :)

    I tried this around ten years ago or so, using t-shirt transfer paper and was not at all happy with the results, it was all globby and not defined.

    I've bought the freezer paper but am intimidated by mixing arts (creating miniatures) with technology (the computer!)

    We'll see.... some day....

    You explained it fabulously well, thank you. :)

  15. Josje, you are an angel! With this video, I will pick yours as the best tutorial I have ever seen on printing on fabric and trust me, I have read many many tutorials on this. I have also spent tons of money on fabric transfer paper which I have not used.

    For my project, it is very difficult to find the right design at the right scale. Now I have a fantastic solution. Do you know if there is a way to keep the colours? I think I will spray "Preserve It" or something after the printing is done.

    Thank you again,Josje. This is priceless :).

  16. Thank you so much Josje! That was very helpful.

  17. Hoi Josje,
    Bedankt voor de workshop, nu durf ik het ook wel aan denk ik, het lijkt niet zo moeilijk!
    Groetjes Sylvia

  18. Hi Josje,
    vielen Dank für das tolle Video, es sieht wirklich sehr einfach aus und ich würde es gerne mal probieren. Leider finde ich kein Programm, wo ich den Stoff entwerfen kann! Und das Spray habe ich auch leider nicht verstanden, welches Du benutzt.
    Vielleicht kannst Du kurz nochmal schreiben, was Du benutzt. Ansonsten ist das wirklich sehr hilfreich und für unser Hobby sehr gut.

    Liebe Grüße Moni

  19. Natascha, om de stof op het papier te lijmen gebruik ik lijmspray. De lijm die ik hier gebruik is van het merk 3M, maar er is ook goedkopere op de markt, bv bij de Action. De print heb ik zelf ontworpen op mijn computer, dat kan bv met photoshop of een ander fotobewerkingsprogramma. Ik ben altijd erg voorzichtig met het gebruiken van bestaande prints, omdat je te maken krijgt met copyright. Voor eigen gebruik zou dat geen probleem moeten zijn. groet, Josje

  20. Dale, just look at it as printing some design you like onto paper, only now you have added fabric to the paper. It really is that simple.

    Sans, thank you for the compliment! The special fabrics and transfers are great (and washable!), but quite expensive. These fabrics have been treated to make the inks permanent.
    As with all prints, the inks are susceptible to fading from UV light. The results will depend on what inks you are using, I use good quality inks in my printer which have exceptional light fade resistance (VIVERA inks), but I also spray the fabric with archival varnish with UV protection. There are many protective sprays available, I use Lascaux. I am not familiar with "Preserve it" but of course there are different brands all over the world.

  21. Thank you so much for the tutorial, I didn't know how to do it. It may become useful one day.

  22. Hallo Moni,
    Es war mein Vergnügen! Fur den Stoff entwerf brauche ich mein Fotoprogramm, Microsoft Photo Premium. Du konntest auch ein Programm wie 'Paint' verwenden aber auch 'Word' wurde sich nutzen. Du müsst ein wenig experimentieren.
    Der Spray den ich benutze um das Gewebe zum Papier zu kleben, ist ein Kleberspray (gibt es in viele Marken, ich verwende 3M hier.)
    Ich hoffe dass dieses dich behilflich war!

  23. Liebe Josje,
    vielen Dank für Deine schnelle Antwort. Ich probiere es gleich heute mal mit dem Programm. Es ist sehr nett von Dir uns Deine Erfahrungen und Kenntnisse hier zur Verfügung zu stellen.

    Liebe Grüße nach Holland.

  24. You're so super sweet, and this was quite helpful.
    I was wondering about two things:
    1º Some kind of fancy ink that would be water resistant? Like, oil based inks, you see... it would be cool to find those, so we could wash the fabrics, if we eventually needed to... (well, and I have sweaty hands).
    2º Those little strains come off, if we cut them and burn the edge a little? But then it would get stuck no?
    Aw, I'm a noob :(

  25. Thank you for the tutorial, that was so helpful. I surely will try that one day! Best wishes from Finland.

  26. Hoi Josje,volgens mij ben jij de 250ste volger geweest van mijn blog! Ik heb die dag heel goed in de gaten gehouden wie dat zou zijn en jij kwam er voor mij uit! Echter blijkt nu dat de volgorde steeds veranderd en hierdoor kom je iedere keer uit op een ander persoon. Todat er iemand komt die mij kan vertellen of er een andere manier is om er achter te komen wie de 250 ste volger was,heb jij voor mij gewonnen!

    Je hebt mijn email als het goed is,dus kom maar op met je wensen?


    P.S. ik heb ook al eens op stof geprint en dat ging perfect!

  27. Congratulations for your tutorial and the prize to Sabiha.Hugs,Matilde.

  28. Felicitaciones por el tuto es fantástico, voy a intentar, es el mejor tuto, he visto tela de impresión, felicitaciones por la concesión de Sabiha.
    un abrazo Carmen

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    An embrace.

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    un abrazo.

  30. Hi anarpmendes: I was told that Epson has water resistant ink available. I haven't heard of any other brands which have water resitant inks, but maybe someone else knows about this? When I need the printed fabric to be washable (=water resistant) I use Bubble Jet Set 2000. You will need to do some work to get the fabric prepared but it is far more economical than store bought printer fabrics and you can use the cotton and silk fabrics you want.
    Don't worry too much about the little strands that come off. If you cut it with sharp scissors and spray a little extra glue on the paper around the edges it should be fine. I think if you burn them off the paper might scortch or burn and I think the spray mount/ spray glue may be quite flammable. I would not try it!

  31. What a lovely surprise Sabiha! I had no idea I was follower 250! Thank you! xxx

    Thank you Nukkekodin Omistaja, Matilde, Carmen and Contar!

  32. Josje:
    Thank you for a wonderful, useful and very well explained tutorial. What a joy it is to learn this. :) I will try it.

  33. Excellent tutorial Josje.Thanks for sharing.
    Congratulations on your work and your wonderful blog!
    Smiles from Barcelona.

  34. Thank you Maia and Dudu! I hope you'll both have a go at printing!


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