Arnhem Dolls House Show 2010

Just a quick impression of the location for the Arnhem Dolls House Show 2010. The quality of the picture is so poor because I took it wit...

Just a quick impression of the location for the Arnhem Dolls House Show 2010. The quality of the picture is so poor because I took it with my camcorder.

The show was wonderful. The Eusebius church is a beautiful church right in the center of Arnhem. There were some excellent miniaturists and I have bought some gorgeous miniatures (photo's will follow later today!). As always my friend and I didn't have enough time to see everything, actually to my disappointment I have not seen at least 80% of what was on offer. We spent much of our time chatting to people!

We did manage to go to the Ronan-Jim Sévellec exhibition. How fantastic to see this! It was pure theatre, or drama and opera as James Carrington said to me. For some pictures of Sévellec's work, click here or visit the Arnhem Dolls House Show website.

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  1. Josje, I cannot wait! Have a nice Sunday, Rosanna

  2. Josje, nu ik dit zie en lees heb ik toch spijt dat ik niet gegaan ben.
    Leuk verslag en ik heb ook zo genoten van de diashow van Ronan-Jim Sévellec op het internet. Je kan blijven kijken !

    Groetjes, Roelie

  3. Josje, I look forward to seeing what you bought! I was reading Syvia's blog and she was also there. We have a fair in Sydney soon and I look forward to going and meeting some fellow should be fun!


  4. O you lucky lucky girl. This is such a big event, you mean you couldn't see everything in 2-3 days? How long did the whole exhibition last? So you met James Carrington? How about Sevellec? :) You know with all the buzz, I really think this is one of the biggest miniature show in Europe? Is it bigger than SIMP?

  5. El sitio es precio, que maravilla, unas compañera españolas y Artesana Lun y lun exponencialmente alli hace varios años y siempre me dicen que vaya, igual el año que viene me marcho un animo exponer, Bloggeros conocer como dice linda y pasearme de la compra.

  6. Zeker jammer dat we elkaar niet zijn tegengekomen.
    Over Sevellec, wij vonden het tegenvallen op foto's lijkt het allemaal veel mooier en voel ik meer de sfeer dan in het echt. Natuurlijk blijft het knap maar juist van zo'n artiest verwacht ik meer perfectie.
    Groetjes Sylvia

  7. I love your photo, you were so fortunate to be able to go to it. What a wonderful setting for a miniature show! Thank you so much for the links I will enjoy having a look.

  8. What a lovely photo! I can't imagine going to a miniature show in such a gorgeous setting. In the USA they are usually in hotel convention rooms.
    Me too! I can't wait to see what you bought.

  9. Oh, what a beautiful interior for a mini show! I am so envious! I will look forward to seeing the treasures you bought!


  10. Can't wait to see your new stuff! I'm sulking more, you have a fair there and the UK had one also. But maybe it's better this way, I would be broke after going to a fair like that :D


  11. Linda, it is fun to meet so many people. As I said, we spent a lot of time to friends and exhibitors. I always do, I think it's part of the fun.

    Sans, I only went one day. This show is two days, but as I live two hours away and I don't want to drive for four hours a day, two days in a row. I have stayed in a hotel some years... I know, some of you from BIG countries may now think, what is she talking about, only two hours away. that's like around the corner...
    Yes, James Carrington was there. It was so funny, when I entered the room of the exhibition I zoomed right into the Sévellec roomboxes. Somewhere to the left of me I heard someone say 'She's ignoring me, she's just ignoring me!' When I glanced over my shoulder I saw James Carrington standing there smiling from ear to ear. I gave him a hug and a few kisses and he said that that's what he loved so much in Holland, he always gets kissed! Hahaha, he is such a delightful man!

  12. PS Sans: Sévellec was not there, just his work. I LOVED it! What he does with just very simple materials is fantastic. It is drama.
    This show is one of the biggest in Europe. I think Birmingham is bigger, SIMP is a little smaller probably, Soest in Germany is also a good show. The show in Kensington (London)in May has very high quality miniatures only. The location in the church is really the nicest one I have seen so far.

  13. Sylvia, ik begrijp wat je bedoelt hoor! De miniaturen zelf waren niet mooi gemaakt. Maar ik vond het geheel geweldig, het effect dat hij weet te creëren, wow!

    Ira: I AM broke now, haha! I know we are lucky to have such a good show here. Apart frome these (spring and autumn) there are several smaller shows all over the country throughout the year. I hardly ever go to those though. And really, Holland is situated quite close to the shows in England, Germany and France as well. Yes, lucky us!!! But to be honest, I can't really afford to go to all of these shows anyway.

  14. It looks wonderful and great to hear you had such a good time! We were sorry to miss the show but we had already booked and paid for miniatura! We can't wait until the october show ;o)

  15. What a beautiful setting for a mini fair. The one on Birmingham is set in a large hall, so nothing as grand. Pleased to hear you had a lovely time and looking forward to seeing all your goodies.