Giveaway winner...!

First let me start by saying thank you all for congratulating me on my blog anniversary. I loved reading the many suggestions and requests on what you would like to see me make next. Just to clear up one thing, I wasn't short of inspiration, I was just very curious what you thought I should make.

What a surprise to find that 80 of you entered my prize draw! I've put all of your names on slips of paper, put them in a little hat, gave them a good stir and pulled out one name...

The winner is Ira of Merry Jingle.
Congratulations Ira! Your gift will be in the mail as soon as I have your address.

In her comment Ira wrote this:

'And to what I would like to see you do is some Chinoisserie furniture, lets say that a bamboo chair. This because I love the delicatecy of Chinoisserie furniture and there's hardly none in the market in miniature scale.

And if we go a little bigger, an orangerie filled with plants and mix and match vintage furniture. This is because your work is so suberb and I would love to see how you build the structure of the orangerie and the over all result.'

I love Ira's suggestions for making a (faux) bamboo chair and orangerie. Once I have finished my commissions, I will have a go at making these. In a later comment, Ira also suggested making a Venetian gondola...I think I'm sticking with the chair and orangerie Ira!


  1. Congratulations to Ira - there's one thing for sure, with so many mini projects under way she will certainly have a place for her prize!

    Thanks for conducting the giveaway Josje :) - and of course I'm jealous of Ira ;)

  2. Congratulations Ira!! Josje, thanks for do this giveaway!!

  3. Gracias por este sorteo, y felicitaciones a la ganadora.
    Un abrazo Carmen

  4. I'll be nice and say congratulations to Merry Jingle as not to show how jealous I am of not winning!!!

    There is a huge gap in the market for Chinoiserie Furniture! And I am sure you will produce a perfect chair which we'll all admire and desire!

    Josje, I don't suppose that you are 'allowed' (unethical?) to show your commissions, are you?

  5. Thank you Josje through here also :)

    Now I can without jealous say gongratulations to the winner :D

    Actually, this little chest will give some guidelines to my Lily dollhouse's interior, now I can start to acquire some stuff for one room :)

    Can't wait for the post to come,

    Ira :D

  6. Oh and I forgot, I can't wait to see the chair and the orangerie, let's talk about the gondola later on ;)

  7. Congrats Ira!
    Thank you Josje for the wonderful giveaway!

    mini hugs
    Anthoula ;-))

  8. Ira, congratulations!
    Josje, I'm naturally very curious what you'll create.

  9. Congratulations to Ira.Thanks for your marvellous idea.I follow your blog ,waiting your news works. Hugs,Matilde.

  10. Congratulations Ira!

    Josje, I look forward to seeing your next project what ever you choose to do. I have loved them all.

  11. Congrats to Ira and bad luck for all us. But we are lucky enough to see what you create. Thank you for sharing your work Rosanna

  12. Thanks for all being so 'nice' about not winning, haha!

    Ira, I'm off to the post office this afternoon!

    Lize, I can show my commissions, and I will once they are finished! There's not much I can show you now anyway. I've been doing a lot of research, some trials and prep work. I find this the most difficult stage as I want to get on with it, but have to get everything ready first, think and plan ahead. When I work for myself I always just dive in and sort of work with what I find. With a commission I can't do that :O

  13. Ira, Congratulations with winning this very beautiful give away from Josje.

  14. It looks like you are decorating a small William Morris house! If so, I'd love to feature it on my blog, William Morris Fan Club, when it's done...very cute.

  15. Congratulations to Ira,with winning this fantastic giveaway!

  16. Lucky Ira.....and a good suggestion.
    Looking forward to that bamboo chair!!


  17. Congratulations Ira! Can't wait to see the lovely chair you will create Josje. I'm sure it will be perfect!


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