A classy summer

These past few weeks have been quite exciting for me. As a trained art teacher I have wanted to teach a miniatures class for a long time. So finally, a few weeks ago, I decided I wanted to teach a three-day class in August on constructing, decorating and upholstering a Louis XV Fauteuil. The response I got was overwhelming. The class was fully booked within a day! As not to disappoint too many, I planned a second class in September. This class is also fully booked already!


As you can imagine, I'm really looking forward to Summer School!


  1. I would happily join a class if I was in the Netherlands! :-)

  2. Oh Josie, WHERE are you doing it? What about coming to Italy sooner than later? please please...

  3. It's so good to know that!I wish I was there, that chair it's so beautiful!


  4. @MiniKat: And you'd be very welcome! I do understand it is a bit far to travel for you though...;)

    @Rosanna: I'm teaching at my home in the Netherlands. Some of the students will be camping in my little orchard to save on the costs of B&B or hotel. It's like a mini summer camp, haha! Coming to Italy sounds absolutely wonderful! If you have got the space... :)

    @Sofia: Thanks Sofia! Maybe I should tour through Europe haha.

  5. Yes I hav. What about a workshop at Miniaturitalia in Milan? it's the major, if not the only one, mini fair in Italy. It's held in February(no camping I'm afraid),last two days and on the preeceding Friday there are workshops. On day is a short time but...
    You ca goto Miniaturitalia web site and look for Sabrina Arcangelo who is the organizer. It would be gorgeous!!

  6. I looked at the Miniaturitalia website, it seems like a very nice show, but I'm afraid one day is not enough for this workshop!

  7. I love everyone of your post even this one..haha because you do so beautiful work and now I know you are a teacher and I want to just drop everything, fly to Netherlands and attend your class. Why why why did the museum close down? Lack of funds?

  8. That's very kind of you to say Sans. Such a shame I don't work as a flight attendant any more, I've been to Singapore many times! I could have tought my class during a layover ;)...Oh well...
    According to the owner, the museum closed down, as well as the shop and the magazine they were publishing, due to a general deminishing interest in miniatures, which I suppose resulted in lack of funds. A switch was made to scrapbooking. I think miniatures are more popular than ever, but that more money could be made from the scrapbooking business. It's a shame, but I can't blame him. After all, he is running a business, not a charity.
    The magazine has been taken over by a different publishing company, so we won't have to miss that.


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