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Last weekend I spent a wonderful two days in Arnhem, visiting the Dolls House Arnhem Show.  As usual I really needed those two days to try and see everything, and I am sure I missed a few stalls again!  I spent a good deal of time chatting to people and meeting old and new friends. 

Sylvia was at the show with her collection of room boxes and I can tell you, they look even better in real life than on the photos we've all seen.  My compliments Sylvia!  And I got to meet Rosanna and Sans!  They are both lovely girls and I really enjoyed being able to spend a little bit of time with them. 

Of course a was able to get rid of some of the money which was burning a hole in my pocket.  After a slow start (a very rare occurence for me) I managed to buy some really good things.  A couple of oil paintings are amongst my favourite buys.  These were painted by a Dutch artist called Elly Ypma. 

This 'Lady with a parrot' was just right for a scene I wanted to create in the front reception room. She is doing some sewing work and I had my eye on a little ladies work table, so that would have been perfect.  Unfortunately I decided not to buy the little table, so my little sewing scene will have to wait. 

 As a tea lover, this painting of a lady drinking tea was also perfect for me.  I love the colours in this painting.  The chair I made a few years ago and with its antique Chinese silk embroidered upholstery it looks so good with the painting!  I still have to make the panelling for this room, so I stole some panelling from the other room for the photos.

I love the painting on the wall in the background, it gives the painting such depth.  I am not so happy with the frames, although this one isn't too bad.  I do want to replace them with better ones though, in time.

The Eusebiuskerk in Arnhem, where the show took place.  It is such a gorgeous venue for a show!  Unfortunately this was the last time at this location, the next shows will all be in Apeldoorn. 

At our lovely hotel  our friend had the room with the huge terrace which is on top of the restaurant, so we had afternoon drinks out on the terrace with views of the river Rhine.  We had the room with the terrace last time we were there.  The river is gorgeous whatever the weather.  This was the view from my window when I woke up.  A foggy start of the day, but it cleared to a beautiful sunny day.


  1. Your purchases are lovely! I love that view. I think I could enjoy it on a daily basis. I had never seen that beautiful chair you made. It's a real treasure! I love the colours in it.

  2. Je hebt weer prachtige schilderijen gevonden Josje. Wat een meesterwerkjes.
    De kleuren van wand, fauteuil en schilderij passen perfect bij elkaar.
    Veel succes verder met je huis.

    groet Heleni

  3. Wow, what a beautiful place to have a miniature show! Thanks for the post.

  4. The paintings are gorgeous! your chair is so right for them. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

  5. What great paintings. They are beautiful against your wall color and look great with your chair!

    I am so curious about that show. Along with many other ones in Europe. Too bad they have to change locations for this one. That is such a beautiful building.

  6. Oh Josje, those paintings are exquisite!!!! It is funny, I didn't even notice the frames until you mentioned them, as there is so much in the pictures to see.
    Such a fabulous location for a miniature fair.....simply beautiful!!!


    p.s....I spy Josje in Sylvia's photos....?

  7. The paintings are so beautiful, Josje! They fit so well in your room with the blue walls. You really have an eye for colours and style.
    Arnhem fairs are always a delight for me, too. This time I havn't had the chance to go, but next time again... in Appeldoorn. Good to see you enjoyed the show.
    You have a new admirer of your lovely blog :)

  8. Mooie schilderijtjes heb je gekocht en het is al gezegd maar ik vindt het ook: geweldig gevoel voor stijl en kleur heb je, dat schilderij bij die blauwe wand en die stoel....wauw!Ik was er ook met mijn moeder, ik heb wat foto's op mijn blog gezet en morgen zet ik er op wat ik gekocht heb.Wat heerlijk dat je lekker in dat hotel geweest ben en wat een geweldig uitzicht.

  9. Good morning Josje, should run to work but I had to say hallo to all the friends I met.
    It's been a true pleasure to spend some time with you.
    You made wonderful buyings, will you show us the rest of them ?
    All the best, Rosanna

  10. The paintings are lovely Josje, I wonder, do you think she will be in Rheda?

  11. Oh josje
    It looks like you had a wonderful two days. I am very jealous!
    I love the paintings, the detail is incrediable, I particularly like the way the fabric has been painted on the dresses.
    The venue looks so inspiring!
    Well done on more great purchases,

  12. Hello Josje,
    I'm glad you had a good time at the show. Excellent choice on the paintings. They are remarkable and very beautiful. they look great on your walls..

  13. Ik ben blij dat ik vorig jaar nog de kans heb gehad om deze lokatie te mogen bewonderen. Fijn dat je het ook deze keer weer naar de zin hebt gehad. Prachtige aankopen! Heb je ook nog een workshop gevolgd?

  14. One day I should go there. It seems a wonderful fair. YOur purchases are beautiful.

  15. Geweldig zijn de schilderijen!!
    Echt een aanvulling op je collectie en ze zullen het plaatje weer compleet maken.
    Sab en ik zaten in hetzelfde hotel en ik vroeg me 's ochtends al af of het grote terras bij een kamer hoorde....
    Het was leuk je weer te ontmoeten.

    Groetjes Sylvia

  16. That chair and painting were meant to be paired! What a location for a show!!! :D

  17. Josje , you have a great loot, too :-) . I love the paintings, they are gorgeous and go very well with your wonderful house,
    It was wonderful to meet you and I am looking forward to our excursion in June !


  18. Good Morning Josje, Yes, the pairing of the tea-drinking lady and the Chinese embroidery-covered chair is fabulous. I hope you will be able to keep them together.
    The ceiling of the Arnheim Show space is amazing and the space has such nice natural lighting. Shame the Show will move.
    Happy that Spring has finally arrived in Vancouver BC. my plum tree has begun to bloom - watching for the bees!
    Always interested in seeing what you have been doing,
    Regards Janine

  19. What a beautiful paintings you have purchased.
    The Lady with the Parrot is sooo beautiful!
    It looks so nice on the wall of your blue room.
    What a beautiful sense of color and style you have.

    It was nice to meet you once.

    Greetings, Alexandra.

  20. The show looks amazing, what a shame that they are moving the venue next time! They are great portraits, I love the colours in them, and nice subjects too. You chair looks great too!


  21. Josie,

    your paintings are just divine. Such intricate work and the colours are perfect. The Lady drinking Tea almost looks like it was especially painted to work with your chair, the colours are just right.

    What a beautiful view to wake up too, the mere mention of the Rhine gave me a pang for travel.

    Fi x

  22. Werkelijk een plaatje je plaatje.
    En de lijst is ook erg mooi Josje.

    xx liefs conny

  23. Que preciosos cuadros, un rincon perfecto con esa preciosa silla.
    besitos ascension

  24. Absolutely beautiful! I love the venue:)

  25. That's an amazing hotel, Josje :). Too bad the show won't be in Arnhem anymore after next year?

    It was such a pleasure to have met you too!

    Beautiful paintings . My purchases are still in the luggage :).

    1. Hi Sans! We didn't have a chance to talk much, but I really enjoyed our market lunch. It was wonderful meeting you! You must have been exhausted after all of those people you have met and all of the traveling. A great trip!

      Yes it is a shame the shows won't be held in Arnhem anymore, especially the church location is so beautiful! But I have no idea what the new location will be like, it is a large convention center of sorts and may be perfect for the show. We'll see in October. At least the drive up there will be a bit shorter for me, so that is a positive thing ;-) We won't be staying at the lovely hotel anymore though, shame that! Their food is so good!


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