Pain stops play

Due to a pinched nerve in my neck these past few weeks, I haven't been able to do much miniature work lately. Fortunately I recovered enough to enable me to teach my miniatures class this past weekend. More on that later this week because today I wanted to show you a few miniature links I found in magazines lately.

In 'The World of Interiors' August 2009 issue there was an article about the writer and artist Denton Welch, who found a lovely 18th century house in a friend's cellar and decided to restore it. The house is now in the collection of the Museum of Childhood in London. Click here for the link. On the website you will find may more dolls houses from their collection.

Denton Welch with dolls house. Photo from 1937 by Gerald Mackenzie Leet (The World of Interiors August 2009)

In the September 2009 issue of The World of Interiors an auction of handmade doll's houses from Transylvania is mentioned, to be held on September 16th at Few & Far in London. Although in the magazine there is a lovely picture of a dolls house, I couldn't find any further information online. Here is the link to Few & Far.

In the August issue of the Dutch magazine 'Linda' I found two miniature references. The first one is a cute and simple dolls house for children made from cardboard, available from Wannekes.
The second one is about artist Tracey Snelling, who uses miniature scenes as art installations. Probably too late to go see them at gallery Cokkie Snoei in Amsterdam (until September 1st), but hopefully the photographs will still be available at the website here.

Photo from the website of gallery Cokkie Snoei. Artist: Tracey Snelling


  1. I hope your pinched nerve is o.k. now!
    Thank you for the very interesting links.

  2. Thanks, I enjoyed seeing these. I like "World of Interiors", I will have to see if the bookstore still has the August issue around. Any excuse will do for a trip to the book seller.


  3. I hope you feel much better soon Josje ((((()))))

  4. Thanks Maia, it is getting better now.

    Karin, WOI is a wonderful magazine. I've been reading it since the eighties and even those old issues are a great inspiration. The story in the August issue unfortunately doesn't say more about the dolls house, but of course still has lots of other great stuff in there.

    Thank you Tallulah-Belle, it is improving!


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