Philadelphia Miniaturia 2009

It has been a week and a half since I returned from the USA, but since other things have kept me busy, I didn't have time to write a post yet!

I have had a wonderful trip of which I spent five days in Philadelphia before and during the Philadelphia Miniaturia. I took two woodworking classes which were a lot of fun and where I have learned a lot. I got to meet and spend time with some miniaturists and ended up having a great time with some of the English miniaturists after the show.

View from my hotel room in Philadelphia

It was my first time visiting an American miniatures show and I loved seeing everything I had read about and seen pictures of. The two American miniaturists who really stood out for me were Elle Piccolo (even though I am not a doll person) and June Clinkscales. I had seen pictures of dolls made by Elle before and always thought they were fun, but seeing the real ones made me realize they are far better than the pictures do them justice. The expressions on their faces and detail in their clothing makes you think you're looking at a little person frozen in time. Wonderful work.
The miniatures by June Clinkscales were my absolute favourites though. I have stood drooling over her work a couple of times during my visits to the show. Her treatment and eye for fabrics, texture and colour is fantastic! Her work has a lively and artistic touch which I often find lacking in miniatures. Here too, the pictures I had previously seen of her work showed me it was good, but the real thing is so much better! I hope one day to be able to buy one of her pieces. Do check out June's fabulous work on her beautiful website!

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the miniatures mentioned. In fact, I didn't take many pictures at all. The few I did take I will show below. All of these were taken at the booth of Le Chateau Interiors from Louisiana. Their booth had a wonderful collection of antique and unique miniatures and these beautiful roomboxes below. I absolutely adore both roomboxes. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that my major in art college was textiles and fashion design. I apologize for the quality of the photographs, they were taken with flash and rather hurriedly. All photo's open to a bigger size when clicked on.

The Painting in the background suggests the scene represents Madame de Pompadour:

The figures in this roombox are old wax dolls, dressed by Le Chateau Interiors:

Check out the red coat on the wall, beautiful!


  1. Wow!

    I was there as well and I blogged about it, too.

    I don't recall seeing either of those artists, but there were so many there and there was so much to see!

    Are you planning on returning next year?

    I see from reading up on your blog that you teach as well, you could teach a class there. :)

  2. Wat een ervaring, fantastisch!
    Ik kan me voorstellen dat je ervan genoten hebt.

    Groetjes Sylvia

  3. Increcible, it's so real... I would like to go there...

  4. Hi dale, Wasn't it a great show? I was there all three days, so I had plenty of time to look at everything (and still didn't manage to take many pictures). At the show in Holland I go to each year, I always miss lots of stuff. Too much to see in too little time!
    I'd like to come back next year but I don't think I will, can't afford it. Teaching a class, haha, yes, that would cover some of the expenses!

  5. Hoi Sylvia, ja het was een enorm leuke ervaring. Om alles in het echt te kunnen zien geeft je toch een beter beeld dan van foto's! Erg leuk dat ik het in mijn reisschema kon passen. Groet, Josje

  6. Hi Paky, I hope you will get the chance to go over there one day!

  7. Well said, lucky you! I'm glad you had a great time.
    Thank you for sharing!


  8. Flying all across that massive ocean for a show !? I thought your passion had gone mad... haha

    But reading you could integrate it into your timeschedule means youre still a sensible, ánd one hell of a lucky girl :D Forgetting to take pics means you've obviously enjoyed yourself! "I have stood drooling over her work a couple of times" ...

    Have you been able to see Nell Corkin and her stunning creations? She mentioned she would be there. Photographes hardly ever give away the quality and detail miniatures have and I envy you for beeing able to see it all in reallife. And, let's not forget, to meet all the people and artists behind them.

  9. You're welcome Sofia. The combination of taking classes and then the show was perfect!

  10. @Debby: Oh I don't know how sensible I am, haha! Lucky, yes, definitively!

    I did see Nell and her work. We only talked very briefly, but did look at her work closely. And it is just as good at I thought it was. Perfect in every detail. And beautiful, very beautiful.


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